The Swiss Business comes to the UK

There we are. After 3 years building up awareness, business and programmes, Switzerland raised the sales of Europe (UK included) by 60%! How is this possible? In a country where not only everyone knows everything better, but Multilevel Network-Marketing has such a bad reputation that noone wants to even hear about it? 

The Answer? Results. Results that noone can deny, results that people can see and feel, media awareness, books that talk about the problem that we're solving AND good team-work within the Network. Network-Marketing is not about recruting as many people as possible, it's about building up the right team and supporting each other so everybody wins. A company is what people make it to be, and we made it a successful business and great team-work with undeniable results. 

And now, I want to be the starting point in the UK. If a small country like Switzerland is able to raise the sales by 60% Europe-wide we can do great in the United Kingdom. Everyone with MLM experience knows, every start is hard, and here in the UK, we'd be at the start, but also, every MLM worker knows: being at the start, at the top of a new lifestyle brings great success. I'm looking for people that are willing to invest 6 months to one year of hard work in the UK to get the ball rolling and then spread the success we have in switzerland in a country that is many many times bigger than switzerland. And it goes even further: connections to Norway, USA. Here we are offered the opportunity, we have all the tools, the Know-How and the results already from the years of building-up in switzerland. All we need to do is get to work and get the ball rolling in here. 

What is it we do? 

Working in the health, detox, fitness and nutrition section, we certainly have a huge competition with other companies, and I'm sure other companies do a great job. This is not a fight about who's best, this is about giving the people what they need, regardless of which company they choose. If they choose us, they are guaranteed to get results. We don't just distribute high-quality organic products; we offer plans, knowledge, science, solutions to unique problems, not only visible results, but measurable results and long-term plans for long-term solutions. We cover every age, from children to teenagers to young adults to seniors and tackle different interests and problems: You want to lose weight? You want to gain weight? You Want to become more efficient in sports? You want to cleanse your body regardless of your appearance? You have digestion problems? - We've got you. And no, not only for 2-3 days of your life, we've got you for a life-time. 

We'll plan throughly so noone gets left behind, we'll use modern technology to our advantage, we'll be creative, fun but also hardworking. 

If you want to be a pioneer in the United Kingdom, join me, put the plan into practice and achieve great success; financially, physically, not only as an individual, but as a team.

Best regards,


This article was published on 13.06.2016 by Valentino Fornito
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