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In order to succeed in life in general as well as romantically, you must have bigger picture and believe that something is possible and achievable. And if you have strong self esteem and great ideas and dreams you are so sure you can put in action that nobody can prove you wrong, that is called vision. That is power of your mind that can and will create results and future you want. That power, that mind - blowing mental will and believing in something together with today's technology and social- medias are key to success for every marketing and entrepreneurship we see today.

Same is with myWorld. They started 18 years ago with dream to make shopping easy and with possibility to save money while shopping. Now they are Big global marketplace with 1500 employees ( London, Bank street) in more than 54 countres and counting, with 150 000 partners and 15 Millions customers across all brands. And myWorld is growing even more with each day because of advanced features inside Lyconet platform and myWorld shopping app. Lyconet is global marketing agency and together with myWorld they made success beyond expectations, working with high tech solutions for easy purchases and future shopping that everybody will talk about.

This is growing trend, same as texting massages one's was, and now we have all social apps on smart phones, not just massages ... Technology and AI is changing our daily experience in every segment of our life and shopping will not be exclude from that change either.

But let's talk about money. How is possible and what is method for earning money with shopping ( not just yours!?)

Because as Lyconet marketer within myWorld organization and with building your network, you have possibility to earn commission with every sale that is generate within your network. Let me explain this.

It is shopping volume that creates commissions.

myWorld shopping app works with cashback and shopping points for every purchese as way of saving money and it is part of loyalty benefits for all members, shoppers as well as marketers.

So it goes like this. Every sale you and your team make, creates cashback and shopping points ( SP) for customer,( which high or low number depends on product ) and this results in marketing bonus and shopping point+ for marketer. This is base for myWorld marketer commission. Marketing bonus is calculated from 1% of everything that is bought in your network.

So, the more shopping points you and your network collect, the higher commission you'll see in the end of month.

But this is not all it is, how you can earn money. Always look for bigger picture in every business you come in touch with, this is piece of wisdom that I learned in this business from people that are hire much longer...

myWorld has strong share program. What is that? Beside of cashback and shopping points system that works in myWorld app, there is more benefits for marketers if you know where to look. There is build in system of buying and spending benefit vouchers when you enter in Lyconet platform before myWorld app. It is all connected don't worry, ones you register for free, all will be very clear for you to understand.

These benefit vouchers ( one is 100 EUR ) you can spend on whatever products you want, ( part of price you can cover with benefit voucher and part of it you pay with credit card) it is your money for you, platform has nothing to do with it. But, What you gain with benefit vouchers is story for it self! For value of voucher ( 99 EUR)you buy for your shopping inside benefit store on platform, you get exact amount of share points ( 100 SP)! Share points are parts of company that are not become stocks yet. Because myWorld hasn't yet come on stock market. But it will do so on august 2023! And this is moment everybody in myWorld are waiting for, because it will be huge wealth potential out there for those who get all this on time and decide to be rich! Really, really rich! So rich I don't know if I am allowed to write about this.

So, let me summaries all this for better understanding.

All you need to do to succeed in this business is to collect shopping points. But you are not alone. If you build your network, members of your network will work for you, that means that they are collecting shopping points for themselves but also for you. And there is secret how to make this process quicker and more efficient. If you explain all this to new member who wants to become marketer and if new member took benefit voucher as starting point in this business, not only he will gain 100 share points , but he will also get 100 shopping points from this voucher and also you will gain 100 Shopping points as reward because you reefer this person to myWorld. That means that with only five new members including your own benefit voucher which brings you 100 shopping points , you can start career in myWorld with career level one for which you need to collect 600 Shopping points.

Check this career levels:

1. Make 600 sp a month and earn 50 EUR

2. Make 1600 sp a month and earn 200 EUR

3. Make 6000 sp a month and earn 500 EUR

4. Make 20 000 sp a month and earn 1200 EUR

5. Make 50 000 sp a month and earn 3000 EUR

6. Make 200 000 sp a month and earn 8000 EUR

7. Make 500 000 sp a month and earn 20 000 EUR

8. Make 1 250 000 sp a month and earn 50 000 EUR

And also, myWorld is full of surprise as they are constantly improving and bringing new AI supported features to platform to make shopping experience even more easier. Now, You can make your own shopping list inside app that will automatically give you choice of products you see on screen without hard work of searching for specific product, and even you will see the best price. Also, soon this will evolve and it will be possible to hear voice reminder for you to buy certain product from your list exactly when you need it.

And this is just one of new things myWorld is proud to give to there customerce. Soon there will be much more and more advanced and high tech products and possibilities with myWorld, for expectations are that myWorld will grow to be the bigger marketplace on world!

For all informations and questions you have please visit myWorld business space on Quora that I started recently.

I am member of international myWorld marketer team and I will guide you step by step if you want my help, be free to contact me.

And I invite you to take time for one you tube video where all this is better explained.

Dalija Debelić,  your business friend

This article was published on 15.11.2021 by Dalija Debelić
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