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Why advertisements don`t work for many businesses

Have you tried advertising your business but no one joined or bought from you? So many believe it`s just to put out an ad and they will get sales or grow their team. It works sometimes. If people see an ad with a nice car that is just what they are looking to buy at the moment, they may look closer to it. But if that is not what they are looking for they don`t see it...

So it is if you want to build a business too. I am not looking for a coin business, no Bitcoin for me So I don`t read those ads, and I don`t listen to people talking about them. Other than if I get hooked on something else they also tell about.  

I am doing Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. And I know making an ad and buying a place on a site is just wasting money. So I don`t do that. But when I write something, a blog post, or here maybe people get more interested because they see who I am. At least a little more than with just an ad.  We can call this also a kind of ad, but it`s more personal. I give something more to you than just a picture of something with a small text on. I can tell you that what works is attraction marketing when it comes to MLM. People will want to know who you are before they take the risk to join you. They want to know they will get the help they need, have support, have a place to go when they have questions and know they get paid! Do you agree?

We have to value people so much that we are willing to give them some of our time. If not MLM is not for you. However, we can do a lot of the work online. Many can do all of it online. Because we have Skype, Zoom, Facebook, and so on. It works like in the old time we had to visit people at home, take them home to us, meet up in a cafe or something.... we don`t need that anymore... even though it can be nice sometime so we do it yet if we have members who live not far away. 

I do much online because I like it. I am a family person and have my best times with them. Still, I like to get to know new people and that is one of the most interesting things about MLM. It never stops with how many new people you can get to know!  And in how many countries you can get to know people. 

If you would like to work with me and the team I am on and get the digital tools you need to have your business online for just US $90 a month. That is all the tools I think you may need for almost every business you may have. Get in touch with me. Just an autoresponder can be more expensive than the ca 50 tools we have included autoresponder, unlimited how many emails you send.  And you can be an affiliate there so you can also make money by sharing it with I do now.  You are welcome to get in touch if you need tools to your current business or you want to start a business as an affiliate.

And if you are interested in an MLM business I have a very good one! We are only in Norway now but if you are an experienced networker who would like to start in your country you may still find it good to join now. 

Then I`m looking forward to hearing from you if you think some of this can be for you. I am not interested to join anything else now, as you see I am a busy woman at the moment. But you are welcome to join me.

This article was published on 24.09.2022 by Bodil Tonnevold
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