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The $1 Solution of Turning Your Facebook Profile into An Endless Income Stream

It's no surprise that for a vast majority of network marketers, Facebook is their #1 go-to platform for prospecting.

But would it surprise you how many of those networkers struggle to even make a sale using Facebook?

So why is Facebook the #1 platform when it comes to recruiting new reps into a business when over 90% of networkers on the platform struggle with getting even 1 rep to join?

The simple answer? It's what you post.

If you were to get into the head of a lot of networkers in the space, there's one thing a lot of them do constantly.

And it's the same thing that is killing their chances of making the money they want to make.

It's the idea of them being so excited about the business and everything it has to offer and them expecting people to feel the same when they repeat the details.

The truth? People literally don't care about those things..... like at all.

They don't care about how awesome your company is.

They don't care about what it has to offer.

They don't care how quickly it's expanding globally or how many people joined in the past 6 months.

They. Don't. Care.

Because this is the equivalent of "spamming for sales."

So what's really going on here? What are the other networkers doing to get people to flock over to them about their products/business?

Well they do a little thing called "Posting for Profits."

"Wait so what's the difference?" If you don't care about the difference and just want to get into something new, click here to get access to the full 5-Day Posting for Profits Challenge for only $1.

When you "spam for sales" you are likely:

-Posting repeatedly about your business opportunity 

-Leaving your affiliate links all over the place like mouse traps for people to randomly step on

-Hitting up people's DM's without their permission

-Trying to rush people who might've been interested into a sale.

When you "post for profits" you are:

-Posting for a specific type of audience that is looking for what you have.

-Talking about your personal experiences and story with your products and how it has positively affected you.

-Speaking to the heart of people with a very specific problem that your products can solve.

-Putting yourself in a position that other like minded people like you want to be in/follow.

Notice how I said nothing about how cool your company is or how amazing the comp plan is or how your company is expanding to Antarctica. 

And why is this so different in comparison?

This is because instead of constantly talking about things that your audience don't care about, you're addressing things that they already cared about and how you may have the exact solution they're looking for.

This is a huge shift between how struggling networkers promote and successful networkers promote.

And this is exactly why successful networkers can basically bank endlessly on their Facebook profiles with no ad spend or buying leads.

They can repeatedly attract the people they're looking for, post content that is relevant to them, tie in their solution with a specific problem their audience has, and boom.... sales on sales on sales.

"Ok great, how do I do that?"

Glad you asked! If you're looking to reshape your promoting on Facebook into actual sales, enrollments and profits, then click here to get access to the 5 Day training for only $1.

In conclusion, Facebook can be an incredibly profitable platform for many networkers in the space.

But what you post matters a lot. So why not make the shift to what the most successful networkers are already doing to make endless bank in their business? 
This article was published on 11.08.2021 by Kevin Williams
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