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The birth of online networking marketing in MLM prospecting

The death of traditional MLM prospecting has been on the cards since the arrival of the internet, that is easy to say if you have the skills and knowledge to work online, but what if you haven't?

Simply not knowing how to do network marketing online has started to become a problem for many new network marketers wanting to start a home business. At the same time there are many that would like to know how to build a MLM business online, but have no idea where to get the education and training. However, the younger generation and even many of the older ones use the internet everyday. Without many of them realizing it is just a few steps away from being an online marketer. It is a matter of having a few skills and a deeper understanding of the internet that will put them in a position of creating their own wealth online as a network marketer.


How to do network marketing online

The basic premise for doing online networking marketing is by creating content and sharing with the world. The main reason for creating online content is because over 3 billion people are on the internet. This means that overwhelmingly there is more of a possibility of successfully doing MLM prospecting online than within your social circle.  

When I refer to creating and sharing content online, it means anything that you create and share online via a blog, website or on social media platforms.

The content can be:

  • Written content such as on a blog
  • Spoken content such as in a podcast
  • Visual content such as images or video

However, regardless of what you would like to create and share, it must be interesting, have value and help solve an existing problem. 

There are two main reasons for going online and that is:

  • To be entertained such as watching videos, talking to friends or maybe listen to music
  • To solve a problem such as find an address, learn how to do something or pay for a product or service

Online network marketing

How to succeed in MLM business online?

There is really only one way to become a success in your online MLM business and that is training. Yes, nobody really wants to hear it, but regardless how you feel education is the key to success. If you want to run your MLM business the traditional way or online some kind of education is needed.

Arguably, educating yourself to run an MLM business online may be more evolved, but finally these skills will be shared in all parts of your life. 

I personally needed to search for all the information and training myself, which involved years of trial and error. That is why I decided to create an eBook for those in my team and any other network marketer who wishes to build a MLM business online. 

If you would like to learn how to do network marketing online and receive my beginner's guide to online networking marketing click on the link below and download it today.


This article was published on 18.11.2021 by Steven Jackson
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Njideka N. Olatunde An excellent article that all MLMers should read and learn from the information shared.  2 years ago

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