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One of the biggest challenges when it comes to network marketing is finding a niche. You sign up with a company that gives you a specific product that requires you finding a niche of certain people that would want to buy it. Examples of this are anti aging creams and weight loss products. Not everybody is going to want these items so finding the right product is as good as finding the right niche. If you could think of one product that EVERYBODY would want what would it be? What if MONEY was your product? What if you could educate people on a better form of money that made them money. All of us are here looking for a new business opportunity to make more money, that is why we signed up for this website, that is why we choose network marketing to make an income, we want more money. So what if you could give people a better form of money that made them money. This would eliminate the need to find a specific niche and would make it less challenging in terms of finding a customer base.

Karatbars International is the ONLY company that makes money their product. They operate in 120 countries, are free to join and have seen over 30% every year for five years in a row. I am not trying to say Karatabrs International offers the best payout structure simply because I am a member, but it is true I have never seen a company that offers a more fair and more profitable payout system. With Karatbars you will earn the max pay for the smallest amount of effort. Henry Ford said he would rather get 1% off 100 people than 100% of 1 person and that is exactly what Karatbars payout system provides. On top of the payout, the incentives are top notch luxury. Free Benzes, private trips on a yacht, Trips to the worlds richest cities, and to top it off a private villa built for you any where in the world. If you are an earner, Karatbars going to reward you with the money and prizes you have been dreaming about.

So if money is the product, what is it, well it is the worlds oldest form of money, GOLD. Karatbars specializes in smaller weights of gold in order to make gold more obtainable to the average person. The one thing that separates the rich from the poor is an education of money. Most people confuse currency as money. Paper bills are NOT  money. REAL money can not be printed on demand and the more money our governments print the less it is worth. Gold has outperformed currency for over 2,000 years and in the past 100 years the dollar has lost over 95% of its value. So why would you pay a bank to save you a piece of paper that is about to die, you wouldn't invest in a stock that was about to crash would you? Instead you could get paid a second income conerting your dollars into gold bullion that gets delivered right to your front door. For a full FREE video  presentation go to

This article was published on 03.11.2016 by Chris Saunders
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