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The Road To $10k Per Month... Is it Possible?

Yes, it's very possible and I can show you a way to achieve it.  When you decided to do Multi-Level Marketing it was because you wanted to make more money, right? I know that’s why I did it.  My goal is to replace my current job; or since I am nearing retirement, to make more money in retirement per month, than when I was working.  Many programs will promise you this but many people don't achieve it.  I want to put it plain and simple, because with my program, I want to show you some numbers that could make it happen for you. So outside of everything Postcard Networker offers in an effort to make money, such as the mailing of postcards, online marketing and advertising, which includes social media, youtube videos, etc. The main thing we do in this business is MAIL POSTCARDS! In order for you to put yourself in a position to make $10,000+ monthly here is what you need to do… 

First, go to the website link below and buy into the Elite + (Elite Plus) package. You can sign up for free but I am here to give you the honest truth on how you can really leverage your money and make $10k per month. The Elite Plus package will include EVERYTHING you need to succeed with your business. It will include your online marketing & advertising training, 300 postcards per month, and the opportunity to earn on 5 Levels, all for one price. 

Once you've done that all you need to do then is mail out 300 or more postcards per month. The figures below show what could happen when you mail out 300 postcards and get 3 people to sign up as Elite Plus members. Also, getting 3 Elite Plus members, takes care of your monthly fee to maintain your Elite Plus status. After you get 3 Elite Plus members, it’s all profit after that.  So then each month you will receive 300 postcards and all you have to do is mail them.  My program also offers 100% matching postcards.  What this means is that if anyone in your downline should order more postcards, many will; as some people like to jump start their business by ordering 500 to 1000 postcards, you will receive free postcards matching their order.  Mail them! You will also make commissions on any and all things that your members purchase from the company.  Understand that not all people will immediately join at the Elite Plus status, that's fine because many may just order postcards and mail them, or they may do the online marketing & advertising.  Everyone has the option to purchase separate materials from the company.  You will make commissions on their purchases.  The figures below are based on mailing 300 postcards, but just imagine if you mailed just slightly more each month.  And, it is based on postcards alone and does not include the online marketing and advertising that could bring in even more people.  So check out the figures.

Mailing 300 Postcards Per Month… 

At a 1% rate = 3 members (if everyone follows your lead and get 3 Elite Plus members)

Level 1=3 members, 

Level 2 =9 members, 

Level 3 =27 members, 

Level 4 = 81 members, 

Level 5 = 243 members... and so on

Level 1 Pays $150+ ($50 per member)

Level 2-5 Pays $10,000+ ($10+ per member)

It’s really that simple! The question is how much time would it take for you to get there?  The point is, if you are consistent in mailing out 300 postcards per month, YOU WILL GET THERE! Trust me!   The postcards are very professional in appearance and appealing.  People often tell me they signed up because they were attracted to the postcard.  The postcards come with pre-printed leads already on them and only require you to place a stamp on them and mail them.  You can also get blank postcards too in case you wanted to add your own leads to them.  It really doesn't get much easier than this.  I was amazed at how fast I grew a downline from these postcards.  So I'm here to tell you that if you mail these postcards, this will work and you'll be on your way to earning a great monthly income!

This article was published on 17.08.2017 by Cynthia Acoff
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