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Power Up....Butter Cup

I was in hyper-productive mode.

Furiously cranking out emails and coming up with ideas almost faster than I could write them down before they disappeared forever into The Dumpster Of Great Ideas Nobody Will Ever See.

I got a warning. 

It popped up in the right-hand corner of my laptop screen. "Your computer will shut down if not connected to a power supply". Dang. 

I got up, retrieved my power block, plugged it in, and connected it to my MacBook Pro. The light went from green to orange as power surged into the battery.

Crisis averted.

It made me think of the times when I've been frustrated with my online marketing business. 

You know what I mean.

When nothing is working. You can't get any traffic, and when you do, nobody buys. Unsubscribes are coming faster than Monday morning. Money spent on ads? Down the drain. Dismal results all the way around.

Lots of wannabe internet tycoons quit when faced with a long dry spell.

Some of us keep going, no matter what it takes.

But with the ups come the downs, the famine follows a feast, and sometimes it rains on your parade. 

That's when you've got to power up.

Maybe all you need is a little pick-me-up. Once in a while you require a nuclear reactor. A top-to-bottom review of what you've been doing. Going in with a chainsaw and ruthlessly cutting out all the crap, leaving nothing that doesn't pull it's own weight.

You already know what you really need... is a system.

A well-defined process of action that predictably leads to a desired result.

But how do you build it? How do you find all the pieces and arrange them so they work together seamlessly? What's the best way to test and optimize it?

These are the questions that keep entrepreneurs up at night.

Wanna know a secret?

Nobody has all the answers. Even if they did, change is critical just to keep up. It's like that old joke. "I finally found out all the answers, and somebody went and changed all the questions."

I won't even pretend to know everything about how to be successful online.

But I sure know where to start.

If you're sick and tired of all the BS, posturing, and products/courses/ebooks that simply don't work, this could be exactly what you're looking for.

True, it won't give you all the answers.

But you will get everything you need to get started on the right track - with a full tank of fuel.

The train is leaving the station soon, but I'm holding the door for you.

Jump on here.

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This article was published on 30.09.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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