What To Do When You Hear The Question Is This One Of Those Scams?

If you had a dollar for every person who thinks everything they encounter is a scam, you wouldn't need to build a business.

It seems some prospect's minds are just geared towards believing in whatever they hear that does not serve their interests well.

Meaning, if it's bad news, it must be for certain. If it's good news, nah... that can't happen.

So today, I will share with you some tips and ideas on how to deal with these type prospects, and how to avoid them all together.

Why Do Some Think This Way?

Truth is, some people grab onto the idea that nothing can be good for them.

A victim mind, is one that does not have to admit fault.

It's always easier to blame someone else for our own failures, but it will never be rewarding.

So be prepared to run into this type of mind if you prospect on a regular basis.

What To Do When They Say "Scam"

There are many ways to deal with this, and you will have to decide on what to do depending on the "why" behind the accusation. 

First, if they are just so negative in their words, best thing to do is nothing. Just let them go and don't ever talk to them again (you don't want that negative emotion to rub onto you)

Second, if they are not negative minded but believe this could be a scam because they were told it was all their life, there is some hope for them. If I believe a person is a real hard worker but has believed the lie about network marketing, I then explain some say it because it's a tough business and they are weak people. I also would point out only those who are in it for a month or less claim that, not those who are lifelong entrepreneurs in it.

Third, there are the ones who are searching for work online or opportunities, but are afraid of getting lied to or scammed. What I do in this situation, is assure them it's not a scam as I am an independent and have received my commissions I earned. A scam is something that would not hold their end of the deal, and as long as they do, no matter what the deal is, it's not a scam.

Let's Apply "Scam" Fairly

If someone believes that network marketing is a scam because some make money and some don't, then why do they not believe everything else is?

An example, would be pro sports. Even fewer make any money working on Football all their life, and only a few see the cash from that. But it's not considered a scam to them.

Most businesses of all types fail, but not considered a scam. 

In every company, those who are at the top of the company make more then the ones at the bottom, except for the case in network marketing. Yet one is a scam, and the other not.

Most people have not fully looked at the idea behind network marketing, nor know the good it has done for so many people. This is what gives birth to the negative mind, and is something you must deal with when you pursue this profession.

Closing Thoughts

If I believe someone is using the scam excuse because they just have a very negative mind, I will not even bother defending myself. Wouldn't do any good, and would waste time.

But, depending on what I believe is their reason for saying "scam" would determine how I approached them. If I believe this is the only concern that is preventing them from working with me, I would make an effort to discuss the business with them.

So you must know when to let go, and when to make a defense.

Just remember what a scam really is, and if you've ever received a commission from the company you are discussing, you can then show there is not a scam within it.

Best of luck prospecting, and much success to you all!

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This article was published on 01.12.2018 by Jaye Carden
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