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How-to Monetize the Leads Who Don't Join Your Business Opportunity

If you could get 1000 new leads looking at your business this week, how many do you think you could convert into customers or team members?




A steady stream of fresh opportunity seeker leads looking at your business is definitely a good thing … but what about all those leads who don’t join? 

What if the leads who reject your business could still earn you an extra $1000 per month?

Would you be interested in tapping into that?

What if those same leads ALSO generated 2,000 MORE FREE leads to your business?

2,000 free leads you can send to look at your business opportunity, and turning those who don't join into an extra passive income of $2500 per month on top of the $1000 per month mentioned above?

Well, that’s what we call being a 60-Minute Millionaire.

1. You promote 1 link to build multiple streams of income alongside your primary business.

2. You spend 1 hour per day checking in on your marketing system and assisting active prospects.

Everything else is completely automated.

You get a steady flow of leads looking at your business. A few will join. A few will join your automated marketing system.  A few won’t join anything, but will click monetized links that will pay you monthly.

Here’s why this is works so well:

The marketing system is designed for NEWBIES! 

The marketing system is completely duplicatable:

The marketing system is TRULY automated.

The marketing system leaves nothing to chance or personality or technical ability.

No one has to CREATE anything. 

No one has to WRITE anything.

This is true plug and play.

Here is what happens:

Lead clicks on your link, watches a video, fills out a form.

Lead logs in, watches a video, clicks on a link, fills out a form.

Lead watches a video, clicks on a link, fills out a form.

Lead watches a video, clicks on a link, fills out a form.

Lead watches a video, clicks on a link, fills out a form.

It takes about 20 minutes total, and the end result is a marketing system that is all linked together FOR THEM so they don't have to figure it out.

Like I said. Plug and Play.

Can you imagine giving ALL your business builders access to a system so easy and duplicatable? 

What about your current team members? 

What about people in your social market who don't want to do social marketing to build a business?

We all LOVE our primary businesses! Great products. Great services. Great earning potential. 

But, let's face it. Most of them don’t automate the process of getting leads to look at the opportunity.

They just don't.

They rely on us ... unique individuals with different skills, personalities and backgrounds, to somehow be recruiting masters. 

... and most of us aren't.

True duplication happens when we take our individuality OUT of the equation ... and our business prospects see  how easy we found them. 

Yeah, they can do THAT! 

You didn't stalk them on Facebook. 

They found YOUR link, because they were looking for an opportunity. You just show them ... how you did that ... 

Oh, wait. They system does that part for you, too.

Let’s face it. Every business is telling us to use social media and YouTube and more importantly talk to the people we know. And most of our team members just don’t do it with any consistency, or effectiveness. 

Now you can help them. The shy. The retiring. The people who want a business but won’t tell anyone they know.

Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be hard, or complicated. Most of us just make it that way. 

Let’s get back to the simple things we did back when I retired from my day job in 2002 thanks for the Internet. 

Before social media. 

It worked then, and now it’s even simpler, more effective, and truly automated.

Check out how I am using this system to build my team.

To your success & happiness!

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This article was published on 09.11.2020 by Gayanna 'g' Magcosta
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