My name is Andrew Enright and I'm a recent Team member for Voxx Life I signed up with this company exactly 1 months ago and cant stop talking about this product to everyone I meet, even perfect strangers on the street!

I have even convinced couriers and other workplace people that come to my current business place to take 5 Min's for my simple demonstration of how the Socks\soles can benefit them. I get them to take their shoes off and do 2 simple tests one for balance and one for strength, in both tests I can usually get them to become unbalanced immediately ( These tests are available to all Voxx Team members).

Next, I have them stand on the Insoles or socks ( you must use The special Orange squared Thumb print if your demonstrating the socks, face up) Both the insoles and the socks provide the same benefits, using them both does not give you double the effect. So, I perform the same 2 simple tests with them standing on the product, in every instance, I either cannot make them unbalanced at all! or it takes a lot more strength to get them to lose balance or stability. Most people cant believe a pair of socks can do this, Now I ask you this, if you could add 25% more Power,15% more flexibility 20% more balance and Increased your Stamina with a $30.00 pair of socks why wouldn't you?  and How could you NOT tell anyone about this incredible improvement to yourself and want to help your families and friends with this healthy information and product line, I imagine it would come naturally as it has with me . Go to www.voxxlife.com/andrewenright

to see the products first hand and order a pair ! Again 1st in the industry, on so many levels

The MLM plan has eliminated Autoship and gives you a 8 level deep as many as you can sign up across 

there is actually a 30 day Money back Guarantee, if the socks don't do anything for you!

 That's how confident Voxx is about their Patented technology

You can sign people up almost anywhere in the world! The MLM structure is one of the best, Voxx has eliminated what people hate about MLM's and have maximized the profit share for producers see for yourself with the voxxlife link above.

If you require more information please call me @ 289 684 0391 or email me at  runright2@gmail.com

This article was published on 28.07.2016 by Andrew Enright
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