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H2i is an acronym we use for Helping Hands international. An NGO and a charity organization based in Philippine. They came into Nigeria about two years ago. Since then, they have done a lot of charity works.

They have donated a lot to charity homes, motherless babies home.

Over 200 students are on their scholarships, they do humanitarian services and free skill acquisition, etc.

What they need people to do is to donate to charity.

There are two (2) forms of donation to charity

1. Donate and you don’t expect anything back like you do to other charity

2. Donate and actively help them to refer others that will donate to charity too.

If you pick the second option, they have a compensation plan for you. There is a stage you get to, they give you a laptop, there is another stage you get to and they give you a car and earn dollars.

The minimum donation for one account registration is $40. The exchange rate is N165 per dollar whether dollar increase or decrease. So $40 is N6,600.

For people that want to make the business another stream of income for them. The business allows you to register up to 15 accounts in your name.

These are the implication of doing 15 accounts

1. You need N6,600 in 15 places, a total of N99,000.

2. Instantly you get $142 (N23,430) back.

3. You have opened 15 streams of income in h2i, so you will be expecting 15 laptops and 15 cars.

Before you get the laptop, you must have received $1000 (N165 000)

So if you do 15 accounts, you will be expecting N165 000 in 15 places.

H2i business is purely team work.

What is the work to be done in h2i?

The work is to refer other people to donate to charity. The donation they would do can be 1, 3, 7 or 15 accounts like you did.

To join my team, follow this procedure:

-Do multiple registrations depending on your capacity.

-We recommend 15, 12, 9, 7,5, 3, or do 1 registration if you don't have money.

-We add you to our H2i Whatsapp Training Platform

-We set you on a target of bringing 1000 people in 2 years, with our team strategy.

- You enjoy in the team, spill over and spill under.

This strategy helps the system to move faster and when you are getting

rewards, you get it on the multiples of REG you do.

There is also a great benefit when you register early because it is team


You need N6,600 to register one account.

To register Call/Text/Whatapp 08036501722

This article was published on 08.07.2016 by Etuk Anietie
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