My Active Membership in Team LATW (Links Across the Web)

Hello everyone. I am Jessmond C. Tenio, from Cebu City, Philippines currently employed at Aspac Bank Inc. I am also into active promotion of our team, popularly known as Team LATW (Links Across the Web) to supplement my current regular income. This team has been providing team members a very good passive income from the commissions they earned from TrafficWave. 

The right team to grow your TrafficWave Marketing System is Team Links Across the Web. This an effective team because they have the attractive means and tools of convincing their leads to become a paying member of TrafficWave. All the active members in Team Links Across the Web known popularly as the best team and effective team earns their commissions faster than any other teams that builds their TrafficWave businesses also. The cost of joining the team is FREE but you need to be an active and paid member of TrafficWave at the start paying a monthly subscription of US$17.95. All members of the team earns 100% Fast-Track Bonus of US$17.95 paid weekly. All other commissions coming from the 3x10 matrix are paid at the end ot the month. This press release will give you a sound decision whether joining Team Links Across The Web is really your kind of marketing system that builds your TrafficWave Business.

Join Team LATW here ==>

Who Designed Team Links Across the Web?

Team Links Across the Web is a unique idea that was designed by Lloyd Cooper to help affiliates of TrafficWave grow there team with active and paying members of TW. Lloyd Cooper is a musical art director of "Happy Days" – A New Musical written by Garry Marshall and Paul Williams. The "Diary" is the original musical written by Lloyd and his wife, Barbara.

Why It is The #1 Team to Build Your TrafficWave?

The other team that are promoting their TrafficWave businesses uses an antiquated rotator system where new members that signs up are placed at the bottom of the list of hundreds of other members. As the members in that list increases, your waiting time to get an active and paid member become longer also. This team is different because all the members encourages teamwork. This team works in a unique way because the team consist of 3 to 5 members that came from either a members' upline or downline. As soon as the member of each team has 2 paid referrals, a separate team rotator for that member and the 2 referrals will be created splitting the 3 - 5 members to two teams now with 3 members each and all the members of your team are either from your upline and downline that will also increase "spillover" in your teams matrix. Each member of the team will receive 1 referral per rotation because each team rotator under Team Links Across The Web rotates independently. Instead of promoting for hundreds of other members, you are promoting for your own team which is your upline and downline only. When a subscriber of your team's autoresponder decide to join later, the referral link of one your team members will be sent and this keeps the rotation of 1 referral per team member equally distributed.

Join Team LATW here ==>

What is TrafficWave?

It is an autoresponder that is one  of the most sought after internet marketing tools. Trafficwave is owned and was designed by Brian Rooney, an experienced internet marketer with years of experience. It offers a paid service whose simple cost structure seems highly attractive to marketers of all experience levels. While their main competitors charge more as the number of list subscribers grows, Trafficwave charges a flat monthly rate of $17.95 for an unlimited number of lists and despite how large the lists grow.

What are the free benefits of being in the team?

The free benefits of being an active member of the team are:

1 - Free access to the members team link. 

2 - Weekly Hit Counts Updated and emailed Every Sunday at Midnight PST

3 - Complete List of the Team LATW Teams

4 - Information about Autoresponder Subscribers, Links Sent, New Members

5 - Squeeze Page Options

6 - How to Set-up Personal Team LATW Autoresponder Campaign

7 - Safelist, Text, Banners Advertising Materials

8 - Top Traffic Exchanges

9 - How to broadcast using TW

10 - Team LATW Forum

What is the requirement to stay active in the rotator?

Your only requirement to be included in the rotator is to get 500 hits and more per week to your team rotator link that will be sent to your email address after you pay the monthly subscription of $17.95 to TrafficWave. There is also an attractive personal squeeze page link that will be sent to you that will have no hit requirement.

My Conclusion:   

Team Links Across the Web is the best team now to build your TrafficWave business with Paid referrals. So join now and start earning with the best and effective team of TrafficWAve.

Join Team LATW here ==>

This article was published on 23.07.2016 by Jessmond Tenio
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