How to maximize leads and sales on instagram

Instagram has become the social media with the greatest level of interactions. Yes it has eclipsed even Facebook. The fact that facebook moved to own it should give you an idea of its value as a market place. It’s all about providing massive value to the users. This is why if you are serious about building your brand awareness as an individual or as a company you need to have a strong presence on instagram. It is not good enough to simply have an instagram account that an employee or someone in the marketing department posts some random pictures to. You need to know how to effectively harness this s of leads and effectively monetize those leads and connections. You need to know the best days and the best times of day to post. You need to know what kinds of images to use. You need to know how to leverage IG users with large followings.

This may seem like quite a lot and in many ways it is heavy lifting, if and only if you are trying to n figure it all out on your own. Thankfully there are those who have put the work in and have developed scripts to automate all of what needs to be done to maximize the monetization of this social media. These are persons who have raked in six figures using instagram alone in the last year. Luke Macguire is one such person. He has developed an App that allows users to move from ground zero to expert stage in a very short space of time. His App is called instamate, and it comes with training videos that help you get set up to use the app and then training and additional resources to ramp things up with your instagram account or accounts, because the app even allows you to connect multiple IG accounts. The App does the hard work for you of identifying which hash tags are most popular by given key words, it scrapes the instagram network for the trending images and the trending users. All of this gives the end user the ability to leverage the popularity of other users, thereby ensuring that in a short space of time the number of followers to the user increases exponentially. These will of course be targeted followers because you can search by keyword in accordance with your niche. I have seen this work from day one as I am now being followed by persons in the niche that I promote. I can vouch for this app one hundred percent and highly recommend it if you are serious about social media marketing. Get the app HERE

This article was published on 22.04.2016 by Teddy Jones
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