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Take The Time To Read - And Watch The Video

First things first. . .This page explains a phenomenally powerful way of getting traffic to the sites you promote, so:

Read this section 2, 3 or 4 times if need be -

And please make sure you watch the video below.

You WILL kick yourself later when you finally get the concept if you are going to skim over this section. Also, be sure to watch the presentation video if you have not already done so to get a better idea of how all of this works. Without exception, the members making the most money are those who followed this introduction and made sure they understood how the system works!

Watch The Video:

Or - Copy/Paste This Link To Your Browser: 

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When you join, you are placed under your sponsor. The first 2 people you refer will be passed up to your sponsor. You are now qualified to start your first traffic line.

The third person you refer will start your first traffic line. That person in your traffic line will need to refer 2 people who will be passed up to you into this traffic line before they can start their first traffic line. Anyone ending up in one of your traffic lines will have to refer 2 people who will be passed up to you into this traffic line before they can start their own traffic lines.

Each direct referral you make will start a new traffic line. Your traffic lines will keep doubling as everyone ending up in one of your traffic lines will need to pass up their first 2 referrals to you in that traffic line before starting their own traffic lines. This is incredibly powerful. Since the system is free to join, this method of building your traffic lines will continue to double once started, even if you wanted it to stop.

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Getting Bonus Traffic.

Now that you know how your traffic lines will keep doubling, let's talk about traffic.

Whenever a tracking link (Be sure to read the section on tracking links - inside) belonging to a member in one of your traffic lines are followed, we will randomly select one of your tracking links and display it to the visitor as an interstitial ad for 10 seconds, before they are directed to the tracking link they followed originally.

To put this into perspective: If you have 3 traffic lines with 3 people in each and only one of their tracking links are followed 10 times a day, it means 90 visitors will see a random tracking link belonging to you each and every day and that is just one tracking link. When those traffic lines double, so does your traffic and it remains constant. Pro members can also choose which of their tracking campaigns will receive bonus traffic, so smart marketers will come up with very captivating ways to make use of those interstitial ads.

Truly A ‘No Brainer’ -

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Unstoppable Stealth Lead Generation

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Here is the proof if you need it - Multiple Sign-Ups Starting July 7th:

Back Office Traffic Lines

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This article was published on 12.08.2019 by Paul Thompson
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