Regardless of what you think about MLM’s or direct sales, almost every single business is built on the same strategies. These strategies do work…if you work. Put in the effort and you’ll see the benefits!! ️️️

I see these kind of statements everywhere!⁣⁣


“I’m looking for an amazing mascara but please no MLMs”⁣⁣⠀


“I am looking for a new moisturiser but please no MLMs”⁣⁣⠀

“I’m looking for an opportunity to work from home and make money but please no MLMs”


I sit here thinking to myself... 

Why wouldn’t you want to support a parent who's trying to help raise their kids from home?⁣!


Why wouldn't you want to help support the now single parent who left an unhappy/unsafe environment?!

Or your friend, sibling, or cousin?⁣!


Or the college student who's trying to juggle school and make some sort of income?⁣!


Or someone trying to not live paycheck to paycheck anymore?!

Someone who maybe is doing well in life but simply loves the hustle?!



Because they’ll earn a commission on your sale? ⠀

Because you tried Karen's, Bob's, Susan's, and Tom's products and they didn't help you...so you think the other persons products don’t work?

Because if you buy from them and they end up building a business, what’s so terrible about that? I mean pretty much EVERYONE generally works for someone else at the top


I see it all the time and I think WOW, imagine having that mindset towards people that are trying to better themselve.

You share your fav drink, or fav outfit, TV show etc...and don't get paid for that.

SUPPORT people. ENCOURAGE people. Be KIND. You don't have to BUY from someone to support them

We are in 23 Countries and counting with distribution centers being built all over the world.  Be a part of something BIG.


This article was published on 27.10.2021 by Teri Thomas
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