PAIDROCKET, 4x4 forced matrix

Earning money has never been this simple before, thanks to the invention of internet. In the 21st century, you can earn while being at home by simply promoting your business from behind your computer screen. Today, I want to introduce you to one of those opportunities. It is called paidrocket. This company provides a low cost and simple opportunity for those new to internet marketing to join a program with no risk. The system is a 4x4 forced matrix. Get your 4 people in, teach them how to get their 4 in, and they teach their 4, so on and so forth. It is not rocket science to do this. With a just one-time investment of $2, you can earn up to $111, 328. The advantages of our system are; The ability to generate huge profits by paying a ridiculous amount , 100% newbie friendly , results in 15 minutes , Instant member-to-member payments, and Resource center where anyone can download necessary ebooks and software, to be successful in online marketing. 

Having said a lot about the earning potentials, let's discuss how the system work properly. When you join PaidRocket you purchase a "Product pack 1", that is "Membership Level 1". Now you can promote your referral link, using pre-made ads, banners and links. Your task is to refer and teach four new members. The ridiculous payment of $2 makes recruitment very easy. You can buy new products (membership levels) at any time. Help your 1st level downline members to do the same. That is to find 4 new members each. So you will have 16 '2nd level' (tier) downline members. They will pay you for membership level 2 and 6. See the full payment plan below:

                                                                              Compensation Plan                                                                      

Here is the compensation plan of PaidRocket

Stage 1.

Your 1st tier referrals pay you $2 each (totaling $8)

Your 2nd tier referrals pay you $5 each (totaling $80)

Your 3rd tier referrals pay you $10 each (totaling $640)

Your 4th tier referrals pay you $20 each (totaling $5120)

Stage 2.

Your 1st tier referrals pay you $50 each (totaling $200)

Your 2nd tier referrals pay you $100 each (totaling $1600)

Your 3rd tier referrals pay you $180 each (totaling $11520)

Your 4th tier referrals pay you $350 each (totaling $92160)

This is a simple and realistic plan how to turn your $2 into $111.328 with just 340 downline members for everyone! Wouldn't it be great to have a decent extra income coming from a simple program like this? I Know there are tons of questions in your mind right? Let me address them before you even ask. If you wonder which payment processor we use. Then the answer is you will be paid directly from your downline members to your Payza account or bitcoin wallet. This is why you must have a Payza account or bitcoin wallet before join PaidRocket. You may probably ask whether you can refer more than 4 people. Yes! You can invite any number of new members and they will be placed in your matrix. Although you can only have a certain amount of people directly sponsored under you, you will receive Spillover helping grow your business faster. The Back-Office allows changes to your profile. The only thing you cannot change is your Username. You can also create as many accounts as you wish, the earnings is limitless.   To join this incredible opportunity, click this link

This article was published on 04.08.2016 by Auwal Bello Hassan
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