The Most Effective Reason People Join Me When They Have Looked At Others Too

I just got off the phone with a person who owns his own Marketing agency, in northern United States.

He had reached out to a few people in my company, because the product we offer is a huge demand for customer based and affiliate based sales.

But he picks to join me?



Because I did what not 1 of the others would do.

What is this I did that no one else did?

Well, it's the #1 reason I get more signups in my business then most people, and now I will share with you what it is.

I Picked Up The Phone And Called Him

This is the big secret to getting people to join you over others.

In today's world, the internet has made speaking to one another an ancient secret.

Because I called him, and spoke with him for a while, he will join me.

See, he was sold on our company before knowing of me, he wanted to join on his own.

But join who was his question.

So, I called, and no one else did, so he joins me.

See how easy this is.

Other Situations Similar

I've signed up more people then I can think of, all of which told me why they picked me.

With thousands of emails in their inbox, they had never received a call from any of them.

So, my email became important.

They had a name, face, and voice to match with the offer.

So of the hundreds of offers they looked at, they joined me because I was the only one who called them.

Do Some Get Rude When You Call Them?

Truth is, yes.

But the amount of times I've had someone get rude can be counted on one hand.

I can only remember a couple, maybe a third one who was sorta rude, but not too bad.

Most of the time, they are polite and say no, if they are not interested.

I never ask for a card or to buy, with my company I don't have to do this.

So I just reach out, tell them they gave me their number, and tell them what I'm calling about.

From there, it is "Oh yes, I loved what I seen" and half of those join.

Or it is "Oh yea, I thought it was something else, and I'm not interested in network marketing" and I thank them, and we go separate ways.

It's really this simple.

The Overview

So my point today is, pick the phone up and call prospects.

Doing this leads to signups you otherwise will not get.

In my company, I get plenty of email signups, indeed.

But by picking up the phone, I double the amount of signups I get.

Many people are wanting to join something, but don't know what.

They simply want to know there is a person they can call anytime when they need help.

Take advantage of this day we live in where no home business owner calls anymore.

It may put you at the top of your company.

P.S Take this free tour here, and I will place these new people underneath YOU so you too can enjoy the volume I am getting. You'll see how powerful our email automation system is, and even more powerful as I call YOUR prospects and sign them up for you!

This article was published on 03.02.2019 by Jaye Carden
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Kevin Harrison So true Jaye... Why network marketers are so terrified of calling a person mystifies me.   1 year ago

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