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After tirelessly searching for a company that checks off all the boxes for me, I finally found one (or it found me) that is groundbreaking.  There is none other in the world.  It is a cooperative, a crowdfunding system and it is fully automated.  It is also used its own digital wallet.   We accept hundreds of Bitcoins around the world.  It has a one-time donation.  Here is a sneak peak into what it is.

We are a peer to peer crowdfunding system.  There are no products to sell.  You can make enough money to fund any cause that you need.  You get to be a part of your own rescue.  We Give  Share  Receive.  If you like to help others, then this is for you.  We operate in every country in the world.  

Digital wallets are not being used exclusively in China and the other parts of the world will soon follow.  By the year 2023, about 70% of the adult population in the USA will be using a digital wallet.  It will no longer be if we will get there but when.  

Imagine having the ability to receive up to $23,000.00 per month by sharing this opportunity with others.  That can change many lives.  You can do that with this opportunity.  There is also another aspect to this opportunity which will allow you to receive a residual income.

Do you know three or more people who need more money than they need right now?  We all do.  The premise that each one reach one is even more evident in this opportunity.  This is a community that is growing all over the world.  We have donors in Fiji, Jamaica, USA, the UK, South Africa, Australia, and the list is growing. We have a mission to eradicate poverty from the world.  Will you join us on that quest?  It has to be a cooperative effort. 

Crowdfunding is legal all over the world.  There was a time when only people with a large amount of money could participate in this space, but with the change in laws, that changed and everyone can participate.  Remember, we cannot do it alone, no man is an island. We can achieve more working together.  A one time donation could change your life forever and thus change many lives around you.  Let's do this.

This article was published on 16.07.2021 by Mary Wilson
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CoopLife - Crowdfunding, 250 USD to join

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