In Stage 1... 6 people are needed to complete it

If u registered with 13200.. ul need 5 persons

If u registered with 19800.. ul need 4 persons

If u registered with 46,200... its automatic ticket to Stage 2

Now... in H2i, Positioningy matters. And multiple accounts rock!

What this means is that.... 19800 partners will earn the dollars x 3, get 3 laptops, 3 dubai trips, 3 Elantras

In 19800 registration... what u do is simply duplicating yourself in 3 places before u refer any person

So that... wen u eventually refer... those people will be working for your 3 accts

Earnings in Stage 1 are as follows :

For each person u refer... u earn $8 instant

If u refer 2 pple... ul earn $8 x 2 = $16

If dey do.. they will also earn $16, while H2i gvs u a bonus of $10 as a stage completion bonus.

Making it a total of $26

That is: $16 + $10 = $26 and ul be moved into stage 2

If you refered all 6 people needed in Stage 1... u will earn

$8 x 6 = $48 + stage completion bonus of $10.

$48 + $10 = $58 and ul be moved Into stage 2

The official exchange rate of H2i is N165/$1

And that is the standard rate nationwide... the economy inflation of dollars doesn't affect it in anyway

Stage 2 - Master Stage

In.this stage.. it is TEAM WORK

Stage 2 has 5 levels of earning

All u need work with is the 6 people u had in Stage 1

Stage 2 comprises of those 6 people u had in stage 1, and ALL the people those 6 and their teams will refer !

This is why is it called a Team Work Stage. None of us can do it alone!

Further explaination:

Stage 2 has 5 levels

When all the 6 pple u brought earlier joins u in stage 2... u will recieve a bonus of $100 (N16,500)

Stage 2 level 1 - Nil

Stage 2 level 2 - $100 (N16,500)

Stage 2 level 3 - $200 (N33,000)

Stage 2 level 4 - $300 (N49,500)

Stage 2 level 5 - $400 (N66,000)

Every partner needs a total of 62 ALL STAGE 2 people to complete the stage!

This simply means that : if u brought in A, B, C, D, E & F.... that is your 6 ppl

A is to bring 6 partners

B is to bring 6 partners

C is to bring 6 partners

D is to bring 6 partners

E is to bring 6 partners

F is to bring 6 partners

Counting all from A- F is the TOTAL PARTNERS THAT COMPRISES YOUR TEAM. And as the new 6s keeps coming in and duplicating.... that is how ur stage 2 is being filled and hence completed

Now the simplest ideology here is: if every one u sign up brings in 2 person each... ul discovered that stage 2 completion is achievable within 2months top!

The Official H2i exchange rate is N165/$1

So $1000 = N165,000

Additional incentives for stage 2 :

Customised Window 8 Hp Laptop or an iPad

As soon as you get ur Stage 2 level 5 $400... u r moved into Stage 3

Stage 3 also is TEAMWORK


All their downlines... counts for you

Stage 3 also has 5 levels of earning

Stage 3 level 1 - $200 (33K)

Stage 3 level 2 - $300 (49,500)

Stage 3 level 3 - $500 (82,500)

Stage 3 level 4 - $500 ( 82,500)

Stage 3 level 5 - $1500 ( 247,500)

Total earnings in Stage 3 is $3000 ( N495,000)

The beautiful thing about h2i, is that you earn as you finish each level,  so you are motivated for the next level to Conquer it.

Additional incentives :

Latest model of Customised keyless Hyundai Creta SUV

You recommend 2 persons ( family or less privileged person for empowerment and H2i gvs u $2000 (330K) for them

Check us out at

You can chat with me on my whatsapp number +2349095320670

This article was published on 01.09.2016 by Sani Yakubu
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