The Most Powerful Way To Build A MLM Team In Any Company

Were you aware that the way to build a team in my company, is no different than in the way you build a team in your company?

What you are selling has little to no impact on how well you will do.

What matters is HOW you build, and what steps you are taking.

So, I want to share with you the way you can build a MLM team quickly, no matter what company you promote.

Pick Up The Phone

MLM is a person to person relationship style business.

This means you really will need to pick up a telephone and call people.

When you begin generating leads, you increase the odds of how many will join by calling them.

I have had so many people join my team who told me I am the first person to ever call them.

Had I not called them, they would not of joined.

For many prospects, they will not join anything unless they know who they will be working with. So always, always, always pick the phone up and call your leads!

The One Who Calls The Most, Will Have The Biggest Team

Especially true if you are new to this industry or have never built a large team before.

Those who make the most calls, will give the most presentations.

Those who give out the most presentations, will have the most people who say "Yes" to joining the team.

So make it a priority to call as many people as you possibly can, so you can get ahead of the majority of people inside your own company, and the entire MLM industry.

BONUS: Those who make the most calls also get told more than anyone else! So don't be scared!

What If I Have No Leads To Call?

This is actually the easy part.

If you have ran out of people to talk to about your business, then you need to go straight to calling total strangers.

This may sound weird, but it really isn't when you do it right.

Contacting people who have either been in the industry, or currently in it, is the key.

We call these leads, genealogy leads.

I sponsored 24 people in under 3 weeks using genealogy leads. All were total strangers at the time I called them.

So using genealogy leads is the fastest way to get signups into any MLM business.

How Do I Get Genealogy Leads To Call?

There are 2 ways I get genealogy leads.

First way, is to find them myself. When I come across companies that have shutdown, I can find their distributors through Google searches.

Second way, is I let my system pull them from the internet, saving me a lot of time!

This is the smartest way to get your genealogy leads, and be able to keep leads for the rest of your life.

CHECK OUT THIS GENEALOGY LEAD SYSTEM that spits out new leads to you for life!

Did This Make Sense?

If you see the big picture, be sure to leave a comment below. Also, shoot me over a connection request here on MLM Gateway. I'll be glad to accept it!

P.S Get leads for the rest of your life for one easy small flat fee. These are the highest quality leads for MLM that can be found without paying massive amounts per lead!

This article was published on 08.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
Member comments:

Jaye Carden Yea Prad, well said. It holds true, if you do not pick up the phone, you will not see a whole lot of business. That's what I've seen first hand.   1 year ago
Prad Sabharwal Yes does make sense.Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I especially like the method of recruiting from companies that have gone under.  1 year ago

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