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What if you could play the lottery, the euro millions game lottery and win big upto 5 times a year in the millions possibly up to 30 million if not more but it means playing arround 300 - 400 lines per game twice a week for at least 50 games. In a Syndicate! ..

Would that be of interest to you! So far tests show average wins of approx  4 jackpot wins  + 2 big wins overall from playing 84 test games.  Those big wins were in total in the million's more information on that to follow.

To make all this work with costs involved It will take 300 people to participate at a cost of 120$ per 6 months to all share in the wins as a syndicate!

If it can be proved that the idea works then that's a plus right!

 If it did that's 300 sharing say approx 28.5 million a year because 10 per cent will be held back as admin fee's for setting the concept up plus that goes to the game manager and the system inventors, but it would still give each member a return of  approx 100K each for playing 50 games for laying out 120$ each to play 50 games.

Worth a gamble we think! Why! Because the first big win of hopefully around at least 11 million will give each member 30K! But we are also looking at achieving a lot of smaller wins too all shared between 300 members that would or should cover initial expense for the 50 games that need to be played over time for all members.

We need 300 players to make this work! No matter where you live in this world of ours! All players are welcome because we are not governed by any laws in any country re gambling if there is any because we are a syndicate with one manager who places the lines x 300 - 400 on behalf of all concerned!

Because even if we win just a fraction of what we envisage that's at least gonna be $30,000 each this year! For laying out 120$ That equates to wins or a win of approx one million pound say from a Millionaire Maker Ticket producing a win or possibly made up from a good few smaller wins!

please visit our link for greater details and if what you see is of interest please get back to me and will get into further details.

PS note we are still working on the blog so some information will be updated because they don’t match with the details mentioned above.

This article was published on 29.06.2016 by Houssameddine Mahjoub
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Andy Cummings This works just as good too Join Our 97 member syndicate here ASAP Look  9 months ago

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