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Marketing funnel strategy ideas for beginners (eBook review)

The dread of creating funnel strategies and developing ideas can be the difference between getting started and taken action or just giving up.

This  eBook will help the beginner to focus on what is important and what funnel ideas are worth pursuing as you start you journey into creating a successful sales funnel strategy.


What funnel ideas is this eBook offering?

The Marketing funnel strategy ideas for beginners is broken down into five sections:

  1. The Profit Funnel Plan: This section of the eBook explains what  successful sales funnels for beginners should look like. Then give you ideas on how it could be integrated into your own business. In my opinion, this method can be used in traditional businesses, affiliate marketing businesses and even MLM businesses.
  2. Low Price Product Ideas: This section starts to explore the different products available to the online marketer when creating their first marketing funnel strategy. There is definitely an attraction of start with low priced products, however it does also means that a high volume of items need to be sold. This is not always a bad thing because it will allow you to create your own products and gain 100% of the profits.
  3. Mid Price Product Ideas: Once you have grasped the low priced products, you will then be ready to start looking at more expensive ones. This eBook helps your develop ideas that will help grow your business and of course make more money.  
  4. High Price Product Ideas: Selling and marketing high end product is a skill in itself. This section is worth considering as a future option. If you can sell one a two high end products you are in the money. So, once you have understood the power of creating a marketing funnel. The next stage is to make it big.
  5. In Closing: OK, all this information sounds great, what is the best marketing funnel strategy for me and my business?  Is it possible for a beginner to learn how to build a sales funnel from scratch? This section of this eBook will show you how the above ideas can be used in action and how to get the best results.

Marketing funnel strategy ideas for beginners


If you want to know where to start and want sales funnel explained in a way that anyone can understand, this eBook can do it. It will help to start your journey into online marketing in the right direction. Once you get the concept , you will be able to benefit personally and financially in any business model you decide to start. We all need to start from the bottom and this eBook is your guide.


This article was published on 23.06.2021 by Steven Jackson
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