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When did building a business become so simple?

Remember the days when starting a new business required large amounts of capital, an extensive knowledge of your market, plans, team's, office space and a whole list of overhead to keep track of? We are now moving even deeper into the information age and with it the former structure of how we do business is shifting and changing even more rapidly then we can keep up with. So what does this mean for entrepreneurs looking to dive right in and take advantage of lucrative business opportunities?

There are plenty of offers out there ranging from simple to overwhelmingly complex and it can take months or even years to fully understand where to even begin. Building a business online is becoming more concerned with navigating what works and the process you need to follow rather than just having a great idea and putting it into action and with so many processes out there it can be impossible to decide. Take for instance IM Exclusive Suite. This product essentially takes most of the work required for an online entrepreneur to start marketing and selling their products and hands it over to the consumer. We have now reached a stage virtually everything is commoditised and having a product that can take this process and essentially hand it over to you, can be of tremendous value.

The product consists of a pre built sales campaign involving everything from an automated sales funnel, driving traffic into a webinar which engaging leads and converts them into paying customers. Where do the leads come from you might ask? Each month an automated process is responsible for collecting email leads known as the monthly tripwire funnel. The package is not complete without having proven strategies to drive traffic into this carefully crafted operation with a number of methods in place. Of course if you prefer to have the entire process autopilot, IM Exclusive have a system in place that will take care of traffic for you.

The system is almost as though you are taking a fully functioning company or business operation, cloning it and giving it new ownership. Considering the fact that many aspiring online business owners take months to years trying to create products, set up their sales funnels and struggle to attract traffic as well as leads the fact that this product can shave precious time off this process goes to show how building a business is becoming more simple each and every day. The future is to be found in new ways to streamline time consuming processes and as the global market grows more diverse, I would expect to this opportunities like this arise more often. But for now, IM Exclusive appears to be a very unique proposition and as an online marketing, I wish I had come across something like this back in the early days where the struggle in putting together a business, product, sales funnel and then having a team on hand to manage it, took me away from scaling the very model I built. With IM Exclusive, the hard work has been done meaning focus can shifted towards bigger and better things.

To your success,

Pedro Varela
This article was published on 16.11.2016 by Pedro Varela
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