Cruise, Save and Get Paid

One might ask, how does that happen?

Well, with inCruises we do just that. 

  • If you love cruising and wish to spend more time on the water than land, we are the club for you. 
  • We are the club for those leaders with a vision. 
  • We are the club for those who don't wish to wait until the money starts to come then to have fun. 
  • We want fun and we want it now. 
  • How many business opportunities out there put you on the fun aspect even before you have made the money? 
  • How many business opportunities out there pace you to have fun in the middle of the sea(no pun intended) of more potential clients for your opportunity?
  • How about booking a cruise by just a few clicks no headache and knowing you got the best possible deal 110% guaranteed?

Yes at inCruises we have a lot going on and it starts with you. If you want more for yourself and wish to have fun, see the world at a fraction of the cost(or free), get paid whilst having fun with friends and family, Get to do this over and over and over; then come on in and check us out.

Click the link below and send me your email so I can send you an invitation because we are INVITATION ONLY!

That's right, if you try to join us and your e-mail is not logged, you will not be granted access.


How does it work?

Well...we have a clear definitive separation from members and partners. That is basically those who just want the benefits of cruising for less and those who wish to get paid from cruising.

So ...members deposit into their account $100 each month. This $100 is converted to CD$200, what we call CD$ which is Cruise Dollars. Why, because this money can only be used to book cruises. Technically this money is your money which has been pretty much doubled and you can now purchase cruises with it.

In our back office and search engine we have access to all major cruise lines and ships itineraries pricing etc. Book using our engine and you will see the drastic savings. Not only that but by applying and paying with money previously saved into your account will allow you to save even more whilst booking.

As a partner you refer members and get compensated. Simple as that. 

The option is there to be both partner and member which offers the highest value and makes the most sense.

As both not only do you get paid for referrals but you have the opportunity to have your own membership waived upon qualifying by referring 5 members.

Thats right, you heard it correct, refer 5 and you do not pay $100 anymore, yet you still receive CD$200 to your account each and every single month that you have at least 5 members.

Hence you can now book cruises with CD$ which you did not have to pay the $100 to start with. This means you are now what we call membership fee free!

I know this sounds unreal and unheard of but I assure you it is very real and 100% authentic ad legal. Our CEO is a visionary and loves to help people. 

Feel free to reach out to me and by all means JUMP IN NOW. 

20% of North America has never been on a cruise ship. The industry is expanding. More luxurious ships and springing up each year with larger and larger capacities. It is the #1 preferred way to vacation and travel also the most reasonable. What we have done is to make it more affordable, accessible and even profitable.

My numbers are 649-346-1649, 649-347-3041 and my e-mail is,,

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This article was published on 17.11.2016 by Kerwin Boxill
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inCruises - cruising,mlm, 100 USD to join

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