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It's really hard to get some ones attention here, Toney Robbins once said, "if someone offers you an opportunity, put your ego away and take a look with an open mind, you may end up living a much better lifestyle! Most people here won’t do that. Even though this web site is here to enable people to share their opportunities, most have a high level of resistance to any other opportunity. They live the dream. The most common "DREAM" is getting in when it's new. Promising you will make tons of money later, comparing everything to the next UBER, or Amazon. This type of dream is also commonly associated with a low-price entry point, or even free! Remember this, you get what you pay for. If it’s free in the beginning, it will cost you something at some point. Low priced entry programs almost NEVER produce any real money. What’s really sad about this is your getting the wrong experience about the whole idea of making money from home. The laptop lifestyle! The Dream SHOULD BE the ability to make money NOW! Who said you can only be involved in one opportunity? If it's a ground floor opportunity, then it shouldn't take too much of your time. Multiple income streams are common practice. In my 10+ years of online experience, I have always and continue to have two, sometimes three income streams. I am a six-figure earner, I love living the laptop lifestyle, and I work 15 to 20 hrs./wk.! I have found MLM, along with online marketers, and direct salespeople, usually fall into one of four categories.

1. They are making lots of money, very happy, and not interested in any other opportunities.

2. They may be happy, but living the dream, (making lots of money down the road) but currently not making any money.

3. They are disgruntled about their decision to join the opportunity they are in. This could be because of recent changes in their current program, about things they found out AFTER they spent their money, not getting the training or support they were promised, have found it's a bottomless pit as to how much money it takes to make any money at all.

4. They are not involved in any opportunity at all. 

If your contacting people about your opportunity, all 4 categories work. The reason, this is a world where things can change overnight. We have all experienced that! Companies change their products, change their commissions, go out of business, (especially startups) The internet is a constant changing world of its own. So, don't expect everyone to buy or join on your first contact, this seldom happens. Instead build a relationship with them so they feel comfortable to talk with you again. As time goes on things may change, and you may be the first person they contact about a new opportunity. 

This article was published on 24.09.2020 by David Ecksmith
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