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Ultima- your financial freedom

Ultima is a crypto and network marketing fusion , the program is in pre launch until 1 September when it goes live . on this day packs will be available starting at €220   =. €110 for your licence , €110 to but your splits 

Splits entitle you to a share of the liquidity pool with Ultima valued at around USDT(Tether) 10,000 per coin  currently Ultima stands at USDT 9400 and still six days to launch , so the value may be much higher on the day , you can follow its value by visiting the coinsbit exchange and selecting  ultima/usdt .   50 tokens will be entered into the pool and the higher they go the more earning potential , rewards from the pool are paid daily 

you can increase your earning potential if you bring in 5 people to do the same as you , and youll earn valuable commission , as you climb higher , you get a car , higher still a Rolls Royce , plus so much more , or you can simply just be part of the Splits.    

If you want to know more, then you can come onto our zoom calls and also chat with Lady Clayton who will give you a full overview.  In the Zoom calls the whole Ultima business and its ecosystem will be explained , we can show you how by re investing your rewards from splits to buy more splits you can earn more and more , you need to buy Ultima prior to 1 September as this is how you fund your licence and your splits. 

There is a quick overview (about 28 mins) video you can watch and listen to to get a brief on whats happening

There are also zoom calls with the man behind Ultima - Alex Reinhardt . its good that the founder invests so much of his time sharing the business and its plans going forward. there is also a massive support team to help you if you find that your not able to close potential buddies to your team and so much more. 

You can initially register for the business here using my link

Please note that you should only sign up once , multiple accounts will be closed and participants banned. losing any commissions or rewards earned 

/this is a fantastic opportunity to get in at the start before the masses and general public are offered the chance to be a part of a massive Program . there are over 2 million in the ecosystem at present and we hope to take that to well over 10 million or more .  

Honestly dont take my word for it contact me , get in to one of our zooms , let Lady Clayton have a chat with you and , once everything has been fully explained and visualised . you will see why its a MUST.  with some work there will be millionaires made 

This article was published on 28.08.2023 by Paul Rogers
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Ultima - Financial Security, Free to join
Free to sign up but with a minimum investment of Euro 220 start your financial security journey. i have a short video you can watch and then you should meet one of the team in the program to fill you in on this massive concept that is going wild

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