KnoMii: The Virtual Business Card for the Mobile World!

Mobile/smart businesscards are here! I've got mine and I canhelp you get yours! KnoMii is a great marketing tool and business app and I can't livewithout mine! I have my videos and all my social media links neatly organizedin tabs on my personal KnoMii business card. Another important component of KnoMii is its groundbreaking contact management piece. Please click here: to learn all about the fabulous features of KnoMii:

KnoMii is easy to setup and poised to go viral! A twoweek freetrial is now available. With unlimitedincome potential, what have you got to lose?. Never buy, carry or run out of business cards ever again and save a tree! KnoMii virtual business cards offer another way to go green and we are all looking for ways to reduce our human impact on nature. Let's ditchour "old school," pesky biz cards and join the mobile generation. After all, we want to be in front of and available to our customers in a consistent manner. What better way than to meet them where they are? on their smart phones! 

This is how I share my KnoMii: I text a business person my personal KnoMii. KnoMiiworks well for all types of businesses including real estate, medicalpractices, MLM companies, virtual assistants, just to name a few. The business person opens the link to my KnoMii biz card and all myinformation opens before his/her eyes. I then show them how to create ashortcut on their phone wall. They now have access to my biz info whenever theywant! Amazing!

With the KnoMii subscription, we have our own personal website and back office as well as our virtual business card. KnoMii is available only in the US for now but willgo global soon. Because of it's simplicity, usability, its benefits and itsgenerous compensation plan, KnoMii will soon be a household name. Did you everwish you had invested in Apple or Microsoft when they first opened? Well, nowis your time to get into something that will be life-changing for many people.

Finally, KnoMii is so much more than just a business card! KnoMiiis in it's 4th year of development and has actively been building itsmembership (both customers and Brand Partners) for 4 months now. Rob Pickering,CEO, has many more features in the pipeline that will roll out over the nextyear or so. I am so grateful to have found this fabulous company. I feel asthough I have an opportunity of a life time that someone has graciously giftedme.

It is a well known fact that many of us have more than onebusiness or cause. Now, there is one place to load all your info and that placeis called KnoMii. Do yourself and your business a favor and get your KnoMiinow. The Brand Partner program is onlyopen for a very limited time, so don't put off making the important decision tojoin KnoMii and enjoy the unlimited income potential that is yours when youbecome a Brand Partner. Please contact me here for any further questions: I look forward to working with you.

This article was published on 05.08.2015 by Vivian Eisenecher
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Marana Adams it sounds great how do we get started  5 years ago

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