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How to Build a Good Relationship with members in the MLM Gateway Community

One of the most important reasons why people look to join a community like MLM Gateway is to build the business they are enrolled in. Unfortunately, most of us have something called the "salesy"  mindset. The core focus of all the members is to spot for people who may be interested to join their business, so that they can get their commissions based on the compensation plan of their MLM Company.

While searching for members who are may be interested in the business opportunity, most people approach directly with the pre-written message and having the expectation that the leads could be a potential prospect. In general, this creates a negative feeling in the minds of the leads as they enter the game of "Cross Marketing". This results in blocking the connection or the prospect saying that he is not interested. This is one of the factors that causes de-motivation and does not lead to success.

In this, article - I want to highlight the six stages of the prospect conversion journey and this can be helpful for your business.

1. Suspect -  This is the first stage, where the potential lead doubts you. He/She does not understand the intent of your partnership request. As a result, the probability of you getting a member to your business is less.

2. Prospect - Once, you build a good relationship with the suspects, and they begin to trust you - then they are ready to exchange their personal contact details and are ready to listen to what you want to say. This can help you increase the probability of them converting into your business partner.

3. First Time Buyer - In this stage, the potential prospects who have engaged with you for a while and built their trust and relationship with you are ready to join your business opportunity. You have to keep maintaining good relationship with your members at all time.

4. Repeat Buyer - Once, your members in the downline begin to trust you and honor you - then they are ready to buy/sell the products/services that you constantly promote. They come back to you more and more.

5. Client - Clients are members who are ready to buy whatever you sell. They follow you wherever you go. When you enroll for multiple business opportunities, they will be ready to join all the opportunities that you are enrolled in. This builds a solid trust in the client base.

6. Advocate - Advocates are active ambassadors of your brand. These are the people who actively build your business even when you are asleep. It is this sweet spot that will help you reach the highest heights of success in your business.

So, how do we build a good relationship with people?

1. Before you send a partnership request to any member in the list, please read their background, interests and location.

2. Do not send the pre-written message directly to the member written by MLM Gateway.  This creates a sense of suspicion between you and the member.

3. Once, you have shortlisted the potential members in Step 1, then send a friendly message introducing yourself, your background and the areas that are common to both of you. Do not talk about business.

4. If the prospect replies, establish a friendly flow conversation - this is extremely important in building your relationship.

5. Once, you both have built a solid relationship, then you can talk about the business that you are enrolled in - and why you feel that this is best business opportunity. Also, you can share your success with the prospect.

6. Continue to educate the prospect (not about the product) by about the ways one can succeed in life and business.

7. Continue focusing on the strategies rather than the business opportunity. 

8. Once, the prospects feel good with your relationship, then they will join your business opportunity without any hesitation. Always remember, people join people they trust. 

I hope this article gave you enough insight. Please feel free to like, share and comment about my article. Looking forward to hearing about your success, strategies and the insights that you have learnt.

This article was published on 22.04.2018 by Shivaram Swamy
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Legretta Lee Shivaram, appreciate the information. Thank you.   6 years ago
Colin Jooste Hi Shivaram thank you so much for the insightful announcement. This is really helpful. Thank you  6 years ago

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