A life by your design!!!

Do  you want  to learn  a skill?  A skill  that  gives  you  time  freedom  a skill  that allows you  to learn  as you earn ,a skill  that constantly  challenges you,so ultimately  the  question is always  , WHAT WILL  YOU BECOME?

Millions  of  person from around  the  world  have  been ceasing  this  opportunity  to  change  their  lives  and  impact  the  lives  of  their  families.  

This  opportunity has  personally impacted  my life, since  I am  able  to for the  first  time see  the  way forward  to creating  a legacy  for my  daughter , it  has  build  me  through  enhance  perseverance to be  the  best  version  of  myself , and  apply  myself  into new  fields  grow  my  network  and  expand  my influence.

The  questions I therefore  challenge  you to ask yourselves  are  these: 

Where  do you  see  self  in the  next  10 years?

Does  your  current  business  or  job  make  those  realizations  possible?

Is it  important  to you  that  you  leave  a  legacy  for  generations  that  succeed you?

What  will  do  if  you were  in total  control  of  your  time?

Who  is  mentoring  you  about  your  business  ideas? 

If you were  to learn a new skill  how  much  would you need  to earn per month to make  it worth your while?

Approximately  how many hours  could you  commit  each week  to develop  that kind if income?

How many months  would you  work  those  hours  in order  to  generate  that kind of income?

Is  it  important for you  to expand  your  influence ?

This  opportunity encourages  you  to  work on your  vision, being true  to you   and  living in your  purpose  which leads  to greater  happiness.  It  allows  you to  align  with the  right people,  push through  with great  perseverance   to archive  consistency  and  reap  rewards. 

We  were  all  created  with a build  in greatness  and this  opportunity  with their  superb mentor-ship  helps  to reinforce those positive  affirmations , and  each  day  I  am assured  to ask, believe  and  archive  because  of that built  in GREATNESS that  is  in me. 

Do  you want  to know  more?  

I am  happy  to be  a blessing  as  we are  all  created  as  blessings to be  a blessing  to others. 

( email  itera23@hotmail.com)  


 A life  of  design  awaits  through  perseverance, welcome  to  the  journey!! 

This article was published on 16.09.2020 by Tahomma Richards
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