Just Keep Living!

Just Keep Living!

Those are three (3) words I used to hate hearing anyone say.  Mainly, because when they said them, they were in response to something I was upset about or just didn't think I should look forward to happening to me.

For example, if someone says their knee is aching.  If I said, "I don't have that problem."  They might say, just keep living!   As to imply if I live long enough, I would have aching knees too (arthritis).  How aggravating is that!   I may never have to worry about an aching knee.  Something else might ache.

Just Keep Living

Does your problem also have to be my problem?  I think not!

There are some good things that come with living!   If I live long enough, my son will have children and I will be a grandmother.  If I live long enough, I will take more time to smell the roses because time becomes more precious to me.  And, if I live long enough, I won't care what other people say!

Monitor your blood pressure, blood oxygen, sugar levels, heart rate and other vitals from your wrist.  You can even use it for locating a loved one such as a child or an Alzheimer patient.   

Wandering is a major problem with Alzheimer patients.  They can wander a long ways from home and have no idea of where they are going and no idea of how to get back to where they started from.  This is a major concern for loved ones.  Our technology will help alleviate some of the problems with this.  You can track them from your phone or they can send out a help alert from their band.  

We are making history and saving lives.   And, we have so much more things in the works.  I would encourage you to watch the video and decide for yourself.  I think you will like what you see.  Join now, we are in 195 countries and expanding really really fast.   There is also a way you can begin making money for FREE!

Now, that's something to "Just Keep Living" for!  

Check out My Life Sensing Technology!

This article was published on 27.04.2017 by Jacqueline B Edwards
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