How To Increase Engagement On Your MLM Gateway Business Announcements


Have you ever written a business announcement here on MLM Gateway?

If not, you are truly missing out on some great benefits.

And for those who are writing business announcements on MLM Gateway, the question is a little different.

Are your business announcements getting engagement?

If not, and there is no signs that anyone is even reading your announcements, then this business announcement of mine is written with you in mind.

You First Must Get Them To Read It

It's true.

If no one is reading your business announcement, how will it get any engagement?

So why is it you think no one is reading your announcements?

Or better yet, why are you not reading several of the announcements you see from other members?

The reason is, because there is no reason for anyone to read your announcement.

Too many people make the mistake of writing content that suits their own needs, and do not focus on getting to the issues that others face.

Write content that addresses the needs of the reader, and the reader will come.

Good Content Gets Comments

Just by default, if you have enough people reading your business announcement, you will get comments.

But like mentioned above, you must focus on an issue that others are dealing with in order to get readers.

Create a good title that explains what they will get in your content, and they will come in to read.

Make a good business announcement that offers a solution to your reader's needs, and several people will begin leaving comments.

Engage With Others

By engaging with other people's content, you can expect a comment on your own content from time to time.

Start leaving comments on other business announcements and connecting with people here on the platform.

By doing this, you begin to become recognized by other members.

They get an email about your announcement, they will come by and return the favor.

Engage with others, and others will engage back.

Build Connections

If you're not focusing on building connections with other members, you are missing out on a lot of the value this site offers.

You got to focus on getting connections, either from you or to you by another.

Look for people who are active, leaving comments, featured professionals, and people active on the platform.

This way, your connection request is much more likely to be seen and accepted.

Once you have a lot of connections, and you write a business announcement, all those connections are notified via their email inbox. Now you have some promotion of your content.

Ask For Engagement

Why not ask the readers, like I do in almost every business announcement, to leave a comment or share.

Some of my business announcements are showing up in the search engines for specific keywords. Mostly because they got a couple shares or likes.

Comments are awesome too, so ask for them.

I have some announcements with a long list of comments, such as this one here - CLICK HERE TO SEE A HEAVILY COMMENTED BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENT

Promote Your Announcement

By promoting your own announcement, you get more views.

Sharing it on your Facebook page, Twitter, or Google plus. 

You can also place it on Stumbleupon, Tumblr, and several other places.

This helps drive outside traffic to your announcement, which not only leads to more views but...

Referral to the MLM Gateway platform for credits to use.

Did This Help?

If you got value, please leave a comment below.

Also, be sure to share this post on your favorite social media so you can gain more followers there as well.

The more you engage with my content, the more likely I am to engage with yours when I see it.

So go ahead, leave a comment below and I look forward to replying to it!

P.S If you want to get paid on the volume I generate in my own business, then now is your chance. Through these business announcements, paid advertising, and more I will build you a downline of buying customers and builders so you can also have success in MLM!

This article was published on 23.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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Jaye Carden Thanks Nathaniel, I'm glad the tips have helped!  1 year ago
Nathaniel Aloga wonderful tip's I really appreciate every point thanks I like to get more my WhatsApp number 08056457098  1 year ago

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