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Do's and Don'ts of Barter and Trade (PART 5)

Do's and Don'ts of Barter and Trade (PART 5)

System #2 Have a small "home" stockpile that can last you and your family personally for up to 3 months. Most of this list will be in the food and clothing department and again as with the last list I have made an itemization of the basics that you should have without reguard for your area or the season. Please adjust yours to your needs and tastes (EI if your not Oriental you may not want a lot of fish sauce)

* Clothing and bedding, in and outdoor

* Large tub for washing clothes in by hand

* Liquid soap

* Non perishable food for 3 months (NOTE:- Stockpiling things like expensive emergency meals with a 5 year shelf life may not be the best idea if nothing happenes within the next 5 years. You will be eating a lot of them before there is a need for them just so they do not get wasted.)

* Water for drinking and cooking (use rain, river, pond or lake water for all else)

* Water containers

* Candles and/or lamp and fuel

* Small generator and fuel for power

* Folding solar cells and battery chargers

* Wood stove

* Pots and pans

* Dishes and cutlery

* Saw, Hammer, Axe, Sledge, Pick, File and an assortment of nails

* Weapons for hunting or defence

* A substantial med kit that includes: splints and cast material, iodine tablets etc

* Lighters, waterproof matches or other fire starting devices

* Vasaline

* Toilet papaer

* Small stock of condiments and spices

* Supply of any medication you or family member may be on.

* Pain meds all 3 types: Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen + Acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin)

* Fishing gear

* Sewing supplies

* Book on edible plants

* Infinite calander

* Spare compass

* Maps both local and regional as well as how to get to your Tier 3 supply area

* Books and games, boredom is a killer

* ID and documents for each person

* Modetate stash of small increments of Gold, Silver, Copper, and Nickel

(FOR FEMALES) * Protection for the monthly needs

* Transportation and fuel (from car and gas to horse and wagon)

Do you need GOLD for trade barter or bribes, I can show you how to get gold in small affordable increments (1g) AND how to share this knowledge in such a way as to be able to get your gold for free AND to earn from it.

Let me help you to get started now... Contact me, Udo Hoffmann, at or (715)426-0518 for a quality assessment, detailed information or instruction on how I can help you to get started today.


This article was published on 17.02.2017 by Udo Hoffmann
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