MLM Objection Handling Of Is This A Scam (How To Overcome It)


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Everyone involved with MLM knows that the MLM objections are numerous.

However, do you know how to handle these MLM objections properly?

Today, I will be discussing the common MLM objection of "Is This A Scam", and sharing with you how to overcome this objection and build a thriving team and organization.

Why Are They Using This MLM Objection?

First thing to know, in order to overcome this MLM objection and all others, is to know why they are using the objection to begin with.

Are they using it because they are interested in working with you, and only have a concern regarding it being a scam?

Or are they simply negative minded people, who find wrong with everything?

If they are not using it as a concern, and are being negative, then there is no need to overcome the MLM objection. You're better off without them and will regret it if they signed up.

But if they are very concerned, and need to be assured it's not a scam to get started, well..

We can overcome the MLM objection now.

Have You Earned Any Money Yet?

If you have been with your company, for any length of time, and have received a payment from them for the results you got, then you have proof of your company being no scam.

Scams are where one party does not deliver on their end of the bargain, and had no intentions of doing so prior to the agreement.

So if you've earned a check from your company, you can assure your prospect it is no scam.


No Money Yet?

If you've not earned a check of any kind yet, then look at the product.

Have you received product from the company?

If you received the product in which you purchased, then you can assure your prospect it is no scam.

If you have not received product, or payment when you were told you would, then you got scammed my friend!

This is all it takes to show a prospect the company is real and holds true to it's promises.

A Huge Factor To Know About MLM Objection Handling

When you hear a prospect say "It's a scam" then you must decide first if they are being negative and are not someone to even bother with.

Or if they are simply concerned about who they can trust.

If you have a prospect who is simply concerned, this is an important factor to share with your prospect on why many people call MLM a scam:

"MLM is the lowest investment business around. Due to being so easy to get involved, it will attract several people, including people who do not belong in business period.

This results in several people not getting results in a short time frame, and instead of blaming their own failures, blame the industry or the company.

MLM is no different then any other business model, and does require a lot of work, and patience."

If you can get your prospect to understand why so many people have made claims with the MLM objection "scam", well now you know why.


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Did This Help?

If you got more ideas on how to handle the MLM objection "Is This A Scam", then please leave a comment below and let me know.

I appreciate all comments, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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This article was published on 28.12.2018 by Jaye Carden
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