Weight Loss and Business Opportunity

Modere is a company that is based out of Utah. It sells weight loss supplements, health and wealth products and overall wellness and holistic approach.

The Modere M3 Body System and the Lean Body Sculpting System are the company’s two weight loss programs. It involves three products (and an up sell to the Trim product), and a lifestyle-based approach to losing weight. Meaning, the program and weight loss are meant to be sustainable for the long-term, not just a crazy fad diet. O

Modere does sell a meal replacement shake and a ‘carb blocker’, that you can purchase independently and is not part of the system package of the M3 or Lean Body Sculpting System.

The Systems are based on the Mediterranean diet, and the good thing about this program is that it doesn’t (like the Mediterranean diet) cut out any major food groups. You can have grains, you can have dairy, you can have legumes. Progressive concept…especially for a diet program. I rarely see this in the diets I review. There’s usually handfuls of supplements, shakes, restriction, you name it.

Go to my website www.modere.com/9297862 to learn about our good nutrition-based resources like a shopping list, tons of Mediterranean-style recipes, and articles about food and health.

The M3 System and the Lean Body Sculpting System are similar and simple to apply:

You take three supplements daily and make three lifestyle changes, for three months. That’s the ‘Modere pledge’. The plan has a money-back guarantee if you lose no weight, and suggests that the expected weight loss on M3 or Lean Body Sculpting System is 1-2 pounds a week. 

The lifestyle changes that you can choose from are: avoid sugary drinks; avoid refined flour, white rice, and sugar; cut fried foods; drink 5 12-ounce glasses of water; walk 7500 steps daily. It becomes a mindset and a lifestyle change. 

There is a business opportunity to lose weight and earn additional income while you lose weight and begin to share your weight loss journey and be the product of the product. If you like talking, sharing, empowering, and exposing everyone you meet to these amazing products, then YOU are the right fit for Modere.

Modere brand is in over 15 countries and growing by the day. We are looking for Social Marketers to join and share the love of all the products. Many of the products are plant based and we believe in living clean and green. Join the movement, it will bring you prosperity in health as well as wealth.

This article was published on 01.02.2019 by LaTarsha Mack
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Modere - Nutrition, health, 39.99 USD to join

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