The Power & Advantages Of Having Your Own Personal Branded Blog

Have you ever considered, or thought of using your own personal blog to build your network marketing business with?

If so, or if you already have started one, I will share with you why it is so helpful to have one, and why they work very well at building a large team and business.

If you do not have one or think you don't need it, then read on and you will discover that you are missing out on a lot of great advantages and benefits.

Your Name As The Domain

First thing that gives your blog the advantage, is having one that is your name as the domain address.

The URL has your name in it, so it is what pops up if someone searches you.

It makes you stand out as a leader, an authority, and attracts new comers to want to join your team.

I know this as I see this happen often.

I get calls from people who visit my blog, and then want to join my team.

So consider using your own name as the URL and domain name.

The Authority

As you learn new things, skills, strategies and techniques, share them on your blog.

This positions you as an authority, or better yet, an expert.

When people come across a professional looking blog, they are attracted to work with the one they are seeing.

You become an authority if you create a professional looking blog.

I highly recommend using WordPress as your blog, so you can create a super professional looking blog and add all the bells and whistles to it you wish.

The Leads

Using a blog as a lead generating magnet is very helpful.

I personally get new leads everyday, never missing a day.

There are several ways to get leads with a blog, and here are a few ways to do so:

  • Pop up ad and offer
  • Anchor texts
  • Including videos with links below them
  • P.S lines
  • Banner ads
  • Call to action on the blog
  • Helo Bar

Setting your blog up to generate new leads will be the most useful feature and most productive way to get free leads you've ever seen before.

Affiliate Commissions

Many people who visit your blog are not looking to join a business.

But they are looking to get information on how to build their own.

So having offers and affiliate products you can offer, is a great way to make extra money in your business.

For example, I have lead programs I sell often on my blog, programs to help generate leads, and even links to MLM Gateway. All of these offer affiliate commissions to me, and I sell them a lot from my blog.

But another great feature of selling affiliate products is, some of these buyers come back later to buy more or even join your MLM business from time to time.

What NOT Having A Blog Does

Think about this.

NOT having a blog means you have to find and contact your leads. Creating more cold market leads.

Having the blog gets leads coming to you.

These leads that come to you from your blog may seem like cold market leads to you, but you feel like warm market to them.

Having a blog is a great way to let others get to know you, even while you are asleep.

Including Videos

The best way to increase exposure for your blog, and to get it moving faster, is to include videos on your blog posts.

Including videos help you rank faster, and that creates more search engine traffic that finds you.

Also, it helps to build an audience on Youtube, where people can get to know you through another form of advertising.

Plus, your blog posts get visitors who stay longer to watch the video (help with SEO rankings).

Videos are higher to get leads and conversions then just plain text, and it offers the reader on your blog to hear your voice, see you, and get to knowing you much faster then not having videos.

There are massive advantages to placing your own videos in your blog posts, this is only a few of those.

Final Thoughts

Having a blog is a lot of work in the beginning.

But, as you see, the power, advantages, and benefits it creates for your business makes it well worth it.

Using WordPress is your best bet, even though it will cost you money each year to keep it up.

Using free blogging platforms are okay, but not to be used for your "name" blog.

I use Blogger as a back up blog, to help with links and SEO.

I always use Blogger to point back to my main WordPress blog, so it gives my official site more power.

If you never have blogged before, just get started and you will begin learning it.

The best way to get good at something, is to do it often. So if you are wanting to begin using blogging, get it started as soon as possible and get through the learning curves it's going to create.

P.S Want to see how many people come through my blog? Take this free tour and watch how many people are placed under you as your own downline. Yes, as I build my team, you too can enjoy the benefits of that team. Here is where you see if I am serious when I say
This article was published on 15.09.2018 by Jaye Carden
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