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What is giving your business opportunity a professional online image and how exactly can your business benefit from it.  Have you ever heard the saying that in order to get someone to trust your business and what you are  promoting, they have to feel that they can trust you first?  More often then not, people make their decisions on emotional needs BEFORE practical needs. Let's look at this another way.  If you are trying to build an email marketing list and have a capture page that cannot connect to the need of the person reading it, well guess what?  You will never get their information to be a part of your mailing list. But if they do feel a connection to you, regardless of what type of business opportunity that you are offering, they will sign up to your email marketing list. The first step to catching their attention to connect with you is by presenting a professional image. 

In my experience, I can tell you right now what doesn't present a professional image for me. it is shortened links featuring tiny url or The reason for this is two fold. First of all, these links don't usually last longer that 30 days (if you go to their website, they even state that there) and they generally resemble the look for of a login password rather than a website url.  The second reason is that the link itself does not explain where you are going or what you are going to see when you get there.   Hackers and people that try to steal your information love using these type of link shorteners to accomplish this. Bottom line, when I see someone that shares me a link to their business using a link shortener like or tiny url, it shows me that they are not serious about their business opportunity nor are they interested about building any kind of relationship with me.  So unless I know them personally or have dealt with them before in the past, I will not even entertain the idea of clicking on that link, regardless on if that business opportunity is worth checking out or not. 

Okay now let's look at what you can do to present a professional image for your business, and it is not as expensive as you might think. First go to a site and purchase a url that explains what kind of business that you are promoting.   I like but you can also use if that works better for you.  Namecheap offers url's that start at just $1 per year. Find a url that offers a general description of what your business opportunity offers. Successful online entrepreneurs present themselves as a brand and their business opportunities as a brand as well. Understand you are not the only distributor for your network marketing company or Promoter for your online business opportunity (unless you have obtained exclusive rights to do so). So when you are promoting your business opportunity, give your prospect a reason to sign up with you. If not, then they will just wait or look for someone else that they can trust more to sign up with. Remember, the strength of your team is measured by the strength of the relationship that you have with them. 

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This article was published on 24.09.2020 by Robert Mcknight
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