UNITED GAMES MARKETING is allowing people like you and I to capture some of the revenue as an affiliate from the worlds first LIVE interactive sports app.  This exclusive group of people will have the opportunity to take part in this emerging tidal wave and be the first people in the world to see the app, use the app, play with the app, and share it with others.

SEE what all the HYPE and EXCITEMENT is all about.

You make the next call, sports will never be the same.

Game Play:

United Games has designed the ultimate gaming experience!  In the Fall of 2016 it will be launching a mobile- based sports game system using live event predictive analysis and play by play calling.  We can now watch our favorite sports teams play live and interact via the sports app.

*The initial launch will include NFL Football and Soccer (MLS & European League). More sports across the world to come soon after..

*It is being developed by the former creative director of  Madden Football, NCAA Football, Nascar Thunder and many other poplar games, along with Pixar animation.

*Brilliant concept: The app will allow the player to call on things live as the sports event is happening… like the coin toss, will it be a pass or a run?  or I think they will score, etc. If you are correct, you will win tokens which are redeemable for valuable prizes. You can have hundreds or thousands of people in your matrix and you’ll earn money every time they watch an advertisement and earn tokens.

The Opportunity:

*TIMING: We are the first to know about it. It began prelaunching in June of 2016.

*GLOBAL: The app will be available in all countries and United Games will incorporate the “live interactive sports app” concept to many different sports across the world.

*EXCLUSIVENESS: United games MAY put a cap on number of affiliates involved, which is extremely good for us!  (So let’s just say United Games is one of the top apps in the app store, therefore people across the world downloads, shares, and plays the app…. United Games will have an algorithm that puts these people under current affiliates, which instantly allows you to earn commissions on people across the world.)

*MAJOR INDUSTRIES COLLIDE: The app industry+sports industry= massive opportunity.

*PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES: Many professional athletes across the world are joining as affiliates of United Games.

How Does It Work:

United Games INVITE CODE options:

1.) Join as a PLAYER  (want to be one of the first to download and play the FREE app)

2.) Join as an AFFILIATE (want the above and be eligible to receive commissions)

There’s no charge to register as an affiliate at the present time. The game won’t be available until September. At that time, you’ll pay a one-time technology fee of $29.95 (to pay for your back office and real-time business reporting system) then $9.95 per month after that.

*When the app launches in the fall it will be FREE, as affiliates anyone linked to you who downloads, watches ads (for tokens to play), or makes in-app purchases YOU will receive commission from. Even if those people share it with 100 other people to play the app. This will go viral very quickly!

*Users will download the FREE app when it launches. Affiliates who share the app get a piece of the revenues created by game play. So what do you need to get started if you become an affiliate? SHARE THE APP WITH EVERYONE!!

*Every sports fan will eventually know and experience this world wide movement in sports, might as well join us!

*Act now, share, don’t let this pass you lock in your spot! The window of opportunity closes each and everyday.

Sign UP Here !

This article was published on 13.07.2016 by Ken Estenson
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