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I asked my MM group; what is the one thing that makes the biggest difference as to whether you succeed or fail online? 

The answers were interesting, they went from and awesome website, to a product in demand, to the copy you use to describe your offer.   

The truth is yes you do need an awesome website with compelling copy that describes a product that is in demand. But that’s not the primary thing that you need. 

You need traffic, eyeballs on that website, reading the copy and learning about the product. Without traffic nothing moves.

This is why this announcement is so powerful.

Imagine that you were able to add 200 new subscribers to any opportunity you have. Imagine that you can get these subscribers without lifting a finger. Like turning on your washing machine, you just leave it let it do it’s thing. Within, 48 hours, you have your leads. All FREE.

The site itself is a marketing tool that you can use to promote your business that gives you the capability to make money immediately on automatic.

You can sign up free and use your referral link to buying customers. The direst pay module allows you to connect your PayPal account such that you are able to receive 100 of the commission when referrals upgrades.

You can also upgrade to a subscription that is the most affordable on the web at a whopping $7.95 a month you get a personalized business page where you can market any three opportunities you now promote.

The business model used on this site is rare on the net, it allows you to build a business for free, providing the tool without charge so you can promote your primary business with the option to upgrade for a very reasonable fee.

Video training, shows you exactly how you can build your list of buyers and how to use the site to market your primary business.

200 Free Leads

On the inside, on my About Me page, there is a link that will get you 200 free leads link. Click it and get these leads on autopilot.

Consider it a bonus for you joining the program as a free or paid member. Your downline will be formed within 48 hours of you signing up, two hundred free members with email addresses, country and name. You can download them and put them in your autoresponder.


This article was published on 18.10.2021 by Tony Puckerin
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Automatic Downline Builder - Marketing Tools , 7.95 USD to join

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