Claim The Two Spot Left & Get Your Program Added Into This Membership Program

This is a Membership / Downline Building Program that promotes / advertises reliable, stable, tested and trusted Programs.

  It is a program dedicated to help people make money from the programs listed on it by getting the jobs needed to make money from them, done, especially providing Personal or Direct and Indirect downlines on programs that requires Downlines to earn money from them.

                     This program is yet to launch at the moment.

This Is How It Works

Programs are listed on it by admin and everyone that joins This Membership & Downlines Building Program will be joining those programs. There are different Membership Levels or Types with different Benefits for each Membership. The number of Programs joined out of all those listed determines member's Membership Levels or Types.

If a member join all the programs, that will qualify the member to be given or upgraded to the Highest Membership Level or Type and will be given the maximum benefit which includes getting certain numbers of Personal or Direct Downlines on each of the listed programs.

      That is, the member's referral / sponsor links on all the programs joined will be used to register the number of downlines promised or stated or attached to the Membership Level or Type.

   The member will receive Instant Referring or Sponsoring commission from all the programs listed he or she joined as well as other earnings the number of downlines given to him or her may qualify the member for.

  Only admin can add programs, no one else. Members cannot add their own programs. Their membership will be determined by the number of programs ( listed by admin ) they choose to join.

Everyone will submit their Referral or Sponsor Link or ID in their Member Area immediately they have joined the programs listed which will be used to give them, their own number of Personal Downlines when it is their turn.

                           Everyone will be served on first come first served basis.

 Members will be able to see Who Is In Line or Next to get downlines for each programs listed. Will be able to see each member's Membership Level or Type, Programs joined, number of Personal Downlines to be given and number of downlines already got.

Some Of The Benefits Members Will Get Are :

1. Will Be Given certain number of Personal Downlines on all the Programs ( listed by Admin ) they joined. Others that joined after, won't be a direct or Personal Downlines but will still be in your team. They will be placed under those that had joined you already.

    As those under you are getting their own Personal or Direct Downlines, you will be moving up on the listed programs ( they will be filling up your Levels / Stages / Matrix ) and as you are moving up, your earnings / income will be increasing.

2. A Wordpress / Blogspot Designed website to help members advertise all their programs and businesses ( everything will be done for free which includes Buying and Registration of Domain Name / Hosting up to a Year / Posting the reviews of Programs joined on it / Getting It Ranked By Google and Alexa / Submitting it to Search Engines and Directories and Build Backlinks for It ( these will help in getting traffics / visits into it ).

3. Members will have access to useful Scripts / Tools / Softwares ( like Splash Page Maker and will be hosted by us / URL Rotator which will enable members to promote or advertise different programs at the same time by using one link / Search Engine Submitter / Google and Alexa Ranking Software / Backlinks Builder / Mass Traffic Generator / Facebook Software etc ) that can help them boost their businesses and increase their income online. These Scripts / Tools / Softwares were purchased with Reseller License and Resale Rights.

4. Will be given the opportunity to announce their Genuine opportunities and businesses to our Double Opt in List which is being worked on. This list are not members of this Membership Site, it is the list of those that agreed to be receiving Income Opportunities from us. They are being built mainly for this purpose.

5. Members will also be able to send their Opportunities to our Double Opt in List's Mobile Phones. Yes, we are giving those that are joining our list the option of getting our messages through their Mobile Phone.

6. Opportunity to advertise for free, Programs and Businesses using Banners and Texts on This Membership Site and other Six Websites which include a Forum, Up to a Year.

7. Opportunity to be earning money from all listed programs and this Membership Site ( there is Referring Commission for those that invite / bring / refer / sponsor new members to this Membership Site ).

8. Opportunity to get Branded Products ( T-Shirt / Pen / Calendar / Mouse Pad etc, for your own use ) planned to be used, to advertise the program and get more people in.

9. Opportunity to win Monthly and Yearly Contests which gives Cash and More Personal Downlines.

10. Members will be getting Monthly Free SMS Credits to send SMS to friends, family etc.

11. Banners of different sizes ( up to seven ), Solo Advert Message / Landing Page / Splash Page / Fliers of different designs / Posters of different designs / Stickers of different designs will be available for members to use which will make getting people to join them a lot easier.

12. Opportunity to order for more Personal Downlines from our Buying Downlines Service.

13. Opportunity to be helped pay for your membership or registration on any of the programs listed in case, you are unable to use the method of payment stated on the program.

All these are some of the benefits members will be getting from The Membership Program.

Different forms of Online and Offline advertising Methods will be used to advertise it and get lot of people in. This is a breakthrough for those that are finding it difficult to bring people into programs.

Now Imagine this :

   What if you have a program or you are a member of a program and it is added to the listed program on this Membership Site. You are already a member of the program, everyone that joins The Membership Site and choose to join the Membership Level or Types that requires them to join the program you brought to be listed, will be joining under you.

You will first get your own Personal Downlines on the program and others you choose to join. After that, others that comes in will have to register with the Referral / Sponsor Links of those that first join you. But they will still be under you, they are still your downlines, though indirect downlines.

On every Network Marketing programs, you need Direct or Personal Downlines and Indirect Downlines to grow and succeed. You need them to be filing your Levels/ Stages / Matrix. Those that will be joining, after you have been given or served your Personal Downlines will be filling your Levels / Stages / Matrix. If Ten Thousand ( 10,000 ) people ( We will surely be working to have much more people than that ) join, they will all be under you.

Can you imagine what your gain will be with this happening ?

  On Helpinghands International, one of the program that is already added, with 4,000 ( Four Thousand ) people under you ( may be direct or indirect downlines ), you already qualify to receive Brand New Hyundai Elantra 2014 Model Saloon Car and some huge Cash as well as a fully Sponsored Trip to Dubai.

  This is an opportunity to be at the top. Be the number one member under whom everyone that join This Membership & Downlines Building Program as well as the program you submitted and listed will be placed.

  The total number of programs to be listed is Seven ( 7 ). We already got five. Needs Two more. You will be the luckiest person on earth if you are able to be the one whose program made the list.

  If you have up to Two and they are very good ones, that will surely last for years, get in touch and get them added.

But if you don't have any good programs that can be added and really wish to be a member of This Membership & Downlines Building Program and take this golden opportunity, get in touch.

         We have two highly rated and among the Top Network Marketing Companies, one from Sweden and the other one from United State of America. Both are having different Beauty Products and earnings on them are Passive. You will be making money from the activities of those under you.

Imagine having thousands of people making money for you even when you are doing nothing.

    We are yet to join these Two Companies because we want to wait for that lucky person and be given the chance to join first ( in case the person is not having the kind of program we can add or list ) and join under him or her.

   This is a golden Opportunity to make money online. Take action now, get in touch, get your programs listed ( if you have programs that can be added ) and start having thousands of people joining under you.

   Take action now, be the first and the lucky person to get this opportunity before someone else does. Remember, only Two Programs is needed to be added.

    Once the two programs had been added, this opportunity will be closed. You won't be able to add your own program. You will be joining the programs listed, under already registered member.

            Get in touch right now.

    If you loves to become a Partner and manage this program with us, you are highly welcome. Get in touch and let us know about that.

    Check Here For More Details

This article was published on 08.10.2015 by Charles Aladesiun
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