Free Tool That Has Got Me Several Signups In My MLM Business

Today's business announcement will be much different then what I usually put out.

But no less, it will be valuable to the right person, and provide more benefit in their business.

Today, I am going to share a free tool, that is getting me signups into my MLM business.

Also to note, it can be a paid tool as well, for very little money each month. 

So the choice is yours, use it for free, or get a lot more benefits added to it for a little investment each month.

But either way, what it's doing for me, tells me I will continue using it for a long time to come.

The Tool/Website

The name of this website and tool is called LeadsLeap.

Perhaps you are already using it? If not, then here's your chance.

Below I will share some things it can do, and why it's been so beneficial to me as a tool for building my primary business, as well as an extra income source.

The Features Of LeadsLeap For Primary Building

Let's take a look first at the tools that are in LeadsLeap, to give you an idea of how I get MLM sales from using it:

#1. Advertising - LeadsLeap runs ads on it's platform, along with thousands of blogs all over the internet, and even on lots of landing pages like the one I link to above.

#2. Downline Message - Over time, you begin to build a larger and larger downline. Being able to get a message directly to these members is big.

#3. Social Reviews - Here is where I've made most of my sales on LeadsLeap. Their review tool has been super at getting leads, and sales. I guess it has good standing with search engines?

-#4. Email - Every person on LeadsLeap gets one email each day at their own chosen time. Make one of the 6 ads in this email, expect to see some results.

As a "Pro-Member" I can run unlimited ads on this platform.

Of course I do the membership where I invest a small amount each month to keep ads running, and several other benefits.

These features mentioned above are how I've gotten direct sales in my MLM business, which would not have happened if not for LeadsLeap.

Will LeadsLeap Pay Me Too?


On top of getting any sales in your primary business, you also earn money with LeadsLeap directly.

Here is a run-down of the ways to earn extra money on LeadsLeap:

Daily Revenue Shares 

Everyday the platform pays it's members who viewed at least 10 ads on the site. Free members get paid 5% of the daily shares, and pro members get 10%.

Credit Encashment

If you are a pro-member, you can make money this way too. Free members need credits to run ads, so unless they run little ads, they need their credits. Sell any unused credits back to the platform for the amount the credits go for that day.

Weekly Revenue Shares

Here's where some decent money gets put out. This is where you place a widget, or the real tracker to a site, and someone clicks on a LeadsLeap ad. Much like Google Adsense, if you send clicks to someone's offer, you get paid by the length of time they stay multiplied by clicks. Free members earn 15% of the weekly profits, and Pro-Members get 30%.

Affiliate Commissions

Here is where you get paid for any Pro-Members you refer. Free members get 25% of the monthly subscription, and Pro-Members get 50%. This can equal a large amount if you refer a lot of people.


This is only for Pro-Members.

As a pro-member you get spillover, or people who join LeadsLeap without a referral. So this means all these people's credits they earn, you get a % of that depending on your level. This leads to more money earned each day and week.

Tools That Can Increase Your Business

Now let's look at what LeadsLeap offers to help you with online marketing.

#1. The Real Tracker - This free tool to all members can be used on any link you promote. Know who is sending you real traffic, and who is ripping you off. Knowing where the best clicks come from, can give you a huge advantage in business.

Plus, you can ad the real tracker advertising window, and if someone clicks an ad on your landing page, you get weekly revenue shares (the highest amount). You can turn ANY LANDING PAGE into a money pulling page even if you don't get an opt-in.

#2. The OTO - I have not used this feature personally, as I have my own One Time Offers. But if you do not have one, then use LeadsLeap to build your list.

#3. LeadsLeap Widget - Add this to your blog to collect income from third party traffic. Anyone visiting your blog or any site you can include this on, you will earn extra money. Now, who needs Google Adsense?

#4. Autoresponder - LeadsLeap offers it's own AR, so you can list build and email the list. If you need an AR right now, this alone makes LeadsLeap a great offer.

#5. Pop-Up Ads - Want to put a pop-up ad on your blog? Now you can, and it's not that hard to do. Create stunning pop-ups that generate leads and place it on any blog or site you can.

I could go on a long time about all the benefits, but this business announcement is long enough now.

So, if you are needing MLM signups, try using LeadsLeap's tools and features.

You just may see some sale like I have (multiple) - While earning extra money from the program itself.

Hope This Helps!

Be sure to check out LeadsLeap here, and if all possible, get the pro-membership. It will double your earnings on the platform and give you unlimited exposure to the internet.

This article was published on 09.02.2019 by Jaye Carden
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