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Has this ever happened to you?

When I'm not increasing the profits of home-based bid-niss owners with off the hook marketing strategies and engaging copy, I drive a big truck long-haul.


Because it's a fast way to make a good chunk of change, the scenery changes, and I get paid to do something I love while seeing a whole lot of this magnificent country.

Yet there are things about it that bug me.

For instance...

Today I picked up a load at our Reno yard and dragged it down to Minden. There's a Starbucks plant there, and we do a fair amount of trade with them. 

Everything was cool until I got there... then I ran smack into a brick wall.

The driver that dropped the preloaded trailer I was picking up left it with a flat tire. Not just any ol' flat. The tire was off the rim and had a large hunk of metal in it - which obviously caused the flat.

Could the tire have gotten flat sitting at Starbucks? Maybe. But I doubt it. Because the piece of metal had been worn considerably. Pointing to the fact that it had been in the tire for a good long while.

Which means the driver who dropped it knew that the tire required repair, yet refused to do anything about it. Waiting for the tire guy made the load late, destroyed my schedule, and cost me valuable trucking time.

All so some loser could go on about his day, getting paid full wages while neglecting an important part of his duties.

Putting up with losers in your organization is not the only problem with having a job, but it's a biggie.

If I got mo' munny for all the times I've had to take care of a problem caused by another employee, I'd have retired long ago.

I'm sure you've had similar experiences.

That's why you've got to get a side gig. One that will replace your job income as soon as possible - preferably in less than a year.

Forget about a packed treasure chest, a huge car, and an even bigger house. It's not all about lots and lots of green stuff.

Think about this for a second...

If all you could do was bring in the same amount you're getting now, but you could do it from home and save all the hassles that go with being an employee, wouldn't you do it?

I thought so.

That's why I keep writing to you, and you keep reading.

If you're ready to take the plunge and finally stroll away from all the losers, corporate think, and BS you've been dealing with lo these many years...

Here's your ticket out

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This article was published on 16.10.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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