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Do you sell products on eBay?

Are you making what you should be making?

Do you notice how some listing descriptions look way better than others?

I’m talking about the types of descriptions that really stand out. They have a nice format with a header and footer. There is also a nice sidebar that directs users to other places within the store. Some listings even have great eye-catching colors, interacting tabs and banners, in addition to a universal layout.

These descriptions are all making use of an HTML template. Do you have a template? Or are you the eBay seller that manually types out a description for every single item and then leaves all of that white space?

If you sell anything on eBay then you definitely need a listing template. The trouble is, most templates are very expensive. In addition, many templates are chalked full of advertising that takes away from your product.

Not Anymore!!

Today you can purchase a custom eBay listing template from MyTemplates for a very low cost.

As an eBay power seller, I know how important it is to make your listing stand out. Having a great listing not only makes you look more professional, but it also highly increases the chance that your viewers will convert to buyers. Over the course of my years on eBay, I have tried out several different listing templates. However, they all had different problems.

  • Some templates included pictures that had to be hosted on a web hosting account or Google. This was a problem because, often times, they didn’t load properly.

  • Other templates were plastered with the template creator’s advertising and logos. This was definitely a problem. When selling on eBay, you want to sell your products, not someone else’s.

  • In addition, many templates on the market didn’t feature the ability to customize them. All I was able to do was put in my item description. However, having featured links to my other listings, store, feedback, profile, et cetera was of great importance to me. These links not only provide credibility, but they reassure buyers that you stand behind your product.

  • Then of course there was the biggest problem of all. Cost. Many templates are very expensive. In addition, some template packages even charge a monthly membership fee. What a joke.

So, after a few years of struggling to find a template that would meet all of my demands, I decided to simply create one for myself. That’s when MyTemplates was born. Now I’m going to these amazing templates with you. Yes, you have the chance to skip all of the groundwork. You can jump right in and have your very own fully customizable professional eBay listing template for a very low cost. I’m talking low cost, because you can’t be paying out a fortune for a template. The goal is to maximize your profits, not your expenses. So keep reading and find out how to get your template today!

MyTemplates can be fully customized to include your eBay User ID, Item Title, and Item Description. It also provides links to popular places, like your feedback, user profile, available items, store, et cetera. At the same time, this template looks great and will make your eBay listings look more professional, trustworthy, and reputable. This will greatly increase your reputation and sales!

Another great benefit of MyTemplates is that there is no advertising on any of templates. That means none. It is free and clean because I want your buyers to be focused on your product instead of the template ads. The purpose of MyTemplates is to help you sell your product, not to advertise the template creator. There are partner links in the very last tab. That way, we are still mentioned, but it isn’t unless your buyer seeks us out. It’s perfect for your eBay listings.

Here is what the FREE template looks like: (Of course there are other templates as well. View them here!)

MyTemplates FREE


    If you’re ready to start saving time!

    To have a professional eBay listing!

    To increase your sales!

    To have every one of your listings promote your other products!

Then purchase your MyTemplate Today!

This is an excellent eBay template that you may use in up to 50, 150, or an UNLIMITED number of your eBay listings.

It is very easy to use and looks great. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the YouTube video tutorial and then paste your completed file into the eBay HTML editor.

Take this great opportunity to pick up your eBay listing template from MyTemplates today!

Visit the website and click on one of the templates to choose your purchase options.Then click on the “Buy Now” button and use the Facebook Share button to receive a the Maximum Allowable Discount!!!

     Up To 50 Listings – $1.99 (FREE)

     Up To 150 Listings – $5.99

     UNLIMITED Listings – $9.99

*If you would like to have the template available on more than 50 listings you can either purchase another (different) template, or purchase an upgrade to receive either 150 listings or unlimited listings.

This article was published on 21.08.2016 by Jerry Webb
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