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Swisscoin is a new cryptocurrency from Switzerland and is headquartered in Canton, Zurich, which is the new crypto valley where all the big blocks chain business is, our neighbors are famous companies that block chain source, bitcoin, ETHERUM, minetas, SM and many more. This is precisely where the future of currency and cryptography will be printed.

On this page we will present Swisscoin, the company behind the opportunity they offer and generally about cryptocurrency, chain blocks and Swisscoin.

Join the Swisscoin today and secure your 100 free coins!

Crypto Currency is the future of money!

Digital money cryptocurrency and the underlying technology "block chain" is clearly the future currency and payment method.

10 Billion Swisscoin's

Swisscoin block chain has a algorytm allowing 10 billion swisscoin's be produced.

100 million SWISSCOIN free

The first million members who create a free account with Swisscoin get assigned 100 free "coin's"

100 million SWISSCOIN to shops

100 free "coin's" given out to 1 million stores that are tied to Swisscoin's trading platform.

Located in Switzerland with Schweitzisk CEO

"It is no coincidence that we have chosen the Canton Zurich as the location for our headquarters, it is the new crypto valley in Switzerland where known cryptographic leaders bitcoin, ETHERUM, blocks chain source, Moneta and many more are operating from" - President og Partner Mr. . Werner Marquetant.

Unique Compensation Plan - Hybrid -

In Swisscoin you have no "dead" leg - a team, a qualification, direct payment at all. With our unike compensation plan, you get paid daily at your work.

People "coin" with the training package from € 25 up.

Swisscoin offers everyone, regardless of age, sex, race, education, and the financial / disadvantages, to take advantage of crypto currency and Swisscoin.

Always free registration with Swisscoin.

Anyone can become a member of Swisscoin, completely free, and start building their organization Swisscoin and get benefits from the compensation plan we offer.

Free "E-Wallet" in Swisscoin insurance on your money.

The membership of Swisscoin offer you a free e-wallet linked to Swisscoin's block chain where you without borders can send money to others throughout the world, for free!

A historic opportunity - takes place once a lifetime - position yourself!

Crypto Currencies Swisscoin is the beginning of a financial revolution in banking and transactional matters, do not miss this unique opportunity to be involved from the start.

Do not wait, you secure your place now!

What can I invest in and how much can I invest? Swisscoin training package -


    - EBook free 0 Split Academy level: 0

    TRAINEE € 25

    - 200 tokens 1 Split Academy Level 1

    TESTS € 50

    - 500 tokens 1 Split Academy level: 2

    TESTS € 100

    - 1,000 tokens 1 Split Academy level: 3

    TESTS € 250

    - 2,500 tokens 1 Split Academy Level: 4

    TESTS € 500

    - 5,000 tokens 1 Split Academy Level 5

    TRADER € 1,000

    - 10,000 tokens 2 splits Academy Level: 6

    CRYPTO-TRADER € 2,500

    - 25,000 tokens 2 splits Academy Level: 7

    CRYPTO-BROKER € 5,000

    - 60,000 tokens 2 splits Academy Level: 8

    CRYPTO-BROKERS € 7,500

    - 90,000 tokens 3 splits Academy Level: 9

    CRYPTO-MANAGER € 10,000

    - 120,000 tokens 3 Splits the Mining Academy Level: 10

    CRYPTO-DIRECTOR € 15,000

    - 200,000 tokens 3 Splits the Mining Academy Level: 11

Join the Swisscoin today, you secure your 100 free coins!

There are 3 ways to make money on Swisscoin -

1. Invest - 2. Sponsor - 3. build teams -

You choose!

Swisscoin Compensation Plan

There are 5 ways to make further payments from Swisscoin addition to profit on investment.

direct Bonus

You would receive 10% commission of all volume (BV) in the direct selling training packages from Swisscoin, there is no limit on how many you can sell.

Direct Bonus is paid daily!

"Fast Start" Bonus

If you accumulate at least 5000BV within those first 30 days after registering your account with Swisscoin, you will receive an additional bonus of 10%

This means that if you earn more than 5000BV then everything you have earned in direct sales doubled.

"Fast Start" bonus credited to your "trading account" and can only be used to purchase additional training package from Swisscoin

Team Bonus 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20-22%

To qualify for the "Team Bonus" you must personally be at least a € 50 package and two directly sponsored members with at least a € 25 package was. Team bonus will be paid on any sales made by the entire team, indefinitely.

Team bonus will be paid daily!

Matching Bonus 5-10-15-20-15-10-5-4-3-2-1%

Matching bonuses are calculated on what your partner earns, so the more your downline (people on your team) earn, the more you earn!

To qualify for the matching bonus, you need at least a € 250 package itself, and two directly sponsored members who have at least a € 50 each.

Matching bonuse being paid daily!

Diamond Pool: Share 1% of all sales of the world!

Depending on villken Rank you are on, you will receive between 1-7 parts of "Diamond Pool"

Diamond pool based on all sales made on the world, and then distributed to all members who have attained the position of Diamond or higher.

Diamond pool will be paid twice a year, the first Saturday in Aug and the first Saturday in Feb.

The qualification period is January - June and July to December each year.

How will you get paid ..

All sales (BV) is collected over time.

    All transactions (1 BV = € 0.80) collected for all time. Bonus and career level is retained for life.

60/40 payment system

    60% of all income will be credited to the "cash account / e-wallet" and 40% credited to your "trading account"

Cash Account

    Money you have the cash account, you can spend as you wish, take out, use etc.

trading account

    Money you have in trading account can only be used to purchase additional training package to acquire several Swisscoin to your advantage.


    Will be activated during the month of September and linked directly to your e-wallet (cash account)


Ways to credit the e-wallet / buy training packages.

Bank transfer, Bitcoin, OkayPay and now Paypal.

Once in your account, go to Shop -> Buy packs.

*Swisscoin Presentation (Video)

*Business Presentation (Video)

*Swisscoin First Steps

*More About The Compensation Plan-

To Join just click: 


For details WhatsApp:-+91 8197680280

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