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How easy I made 76$ with cashcrate

Hi, you might have already heard of  

It's a simple to use website where you fill surveys, play online or complete offers. You can also refer new members as an affiliate and earn 20%-30% on your referrals and 10%-20% on theirs.

I started cashcrate with a mentality it could work for anybody and it's free. Simply take a look at the payment wall, it's amazing. I knew it would be easy to prove credibility and worthiness of the opportunity.

However, I made 70$ by myself playing games and filling surveys. It started first month with 23 USD. Once I figured out my quality score was going up, I was winning the points. I knew I would end up getting to at least the payment threshold of 20$ US. I take the value of American money is an extra bonus to the payments if you are not from that place. After a couple weeks, I made another 27$ and by that time I also had made another 26$ in even less time.  Since then, my referrals go up everyday and it's no lying. Do your research, target people 13+ and stay at home people. Those people already look for something perfect to increase how much they already make.

What you have to do is using your check as a real life proof that virtual can bring money in!

You have to visit

You won't regret!

Does cashcrate require any kind of payment or requirement to use cash offers?

There is no requirement to spend even a tiny 1$ . All cash offers completion is entirely up to you. There are plenty of free offers too! That's what I like the most about it. You will end up reaching some survey partners even at some point to increase even more 100% profit available within those free offers.

How do I promote my affiliate program better?

You simply click on referral tab in the earn cash tab of the registered user section.

The number one will be your own cashcrate affiliate website address. The number two is the affiliate auto email software that you can use with a variety of different email carriers. The number 3 is the post to blog option.

Under that is the promote yourself button. Visit that area to find cashcrate banners, business card or others.

Thank you for reading this! I look forward to hear from you.

This article was published on 11.09.2016 by Francois-Pierre Galarneau
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