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This isn't the business opportunity you're looking for…MOVE ALONG

This isn't the business opportunity you're looking for…

This isn't the business opportunity I'm looking for…

Move Along...

I loved Star Wars. 40 years ago. I was an imaginative teenager who couldn't get enough of that movie. I probably saw it more than a half of a dozen times at the theater at full price. It was magical. Really! Who stands up and claps at the end of a movie anymore? When the rebels blew up the Death Star, as Luke and Han were speeding away from it, the whole theater erupted into an explosion of applause and whoops and hollers and cheers and no one thought that was weird.

What movie have you seen in the last several years where the whole audience stood up and cheered? I'd say one of the best moments of that movie was the Jedi mind trick scene and how Obi-Wan manipulated a weak-minded storm-trooper who was loyal to an evil cause, to just let the thing that they were desperately seeking slip through their hard plastic shell gloved fingers.

If you never saw it, here's the transcript:

From STAR WARS, Episode IV A New Hope:

Storm trooper: "Let me see your identification."

Obi-Wan: [with a small wave of his hand]"You don't need to see his identification."

Storm trooper: "We don't need to see his identification."

Obi-Wan: "These aren't the droids you're looking for."

Storm trooper: "These aren't the droids we're looking for."

Obi-Wan: "He can go about his business."

Storm trooper: "You can go about your business."

Obi-Wan: "Move along."

Storm trooper: "Move along... move along.”


Maybe you wonder why I don't make my business opportunity easy to join. It’s because I'm looking for business people who understand that anything of value should be exclusive like a country club membership. They don't let riffraff into their clubs - rich people are very discriminating and they should be.

Did you know that you earn the average income of The five people you associate most closely with? How will you learn the secrets of the successful if you don't seek out those with greater insight into business than yourself? I do everything I can to scare the wrong people away from me and say things that I know will purposely repel the wrong type of people away from my business opportunity. I don't care. I don't need anyone or everyone. I am looking for the right one and they desperately need me to find them.

If you believe that's you, then please contact me. Don't be shy.

Opportunity doesn't knock on your door, you look for opportunities and if you're lucky you will find the door, and then you start banging on it yourself. If you're the right person, I'll see you and hear you banging and I'll give you an opportunity to come inside and see what I can offer you.

Otherwise stay on your present course, be a weak minded and easily manipulated lackey, and continue to follow the “Empire” of the companies and leaders in the 99.7% of failing  network and affiliate marketers and see how that works out for you. I'm working on building a Rebel Alliance, who wants to join me?

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This article was published on 03.09.2019 by Kevin Harrison
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