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Before I dive in head first about my business, let me introduce myself. I am a single mom of 3 active boys (1,4,7). I am part of an amazing 17 year debt free business. We have maintained an A+ with the BBB. Our corporate office is located in New York, New York headed by CEO Peter Wolfing.  I chose this business because of the benefits it had to offer a newbie or anyone who considers themselves in the network marketing industry. We provide digital products so you never have to sell anything or clutter your home with inventory. We are paid 100% commissions on all tickets low ($25) to the highest ($7500). 

Let me give you what NWC is in a nutshell...

National Wealth center (NWC) is a membership style website with 7 micro-memberships in one system.

Business Model 

Our model is a hybrid of franchising, affiliate marketing and networking.

Members can take their own payments and make 100% per sale or piggyback on the company system where NWC takes payments and earn 80% commissions per sale. 

For $19.95 per month, our company provides the infrastructure for a proven, business model (similar to franchise concept).

Included in the $19.95 are: 

We provide, the site, hosting, products, tech and customer support, member tools, buying club called National Savings Center, Success Magazine , marketing education and tools (capture pages), vehicle advantage concierge car leasing and buying service and more.

What are the products: 

100% educational based digital products. Video, audio, print. Education is priceless.

By using digital education products, it allows us to take the usual 30% product cost and move it into commissions. No delivery costs (downloaded), less staff needed, automate as many tasks as possible to keep company overhead low. All of which allows us to pay maximum commission and do very well on the flat rate admin fee of $19.95 per month. 

Many billion dollar niche market categories.

3 monthly

personal development ($25)

business education ($50)

wealth education ($100)

4 one time purchase categories>

fitness advantage

wealth elite

network marketing elite

the vault which contains all previous month products

The customer joins  Start Today by selecting what product or products categories they want. Each are individual and can be bought in any combination. After they buy the products they want, they can choose to become an active member to be able to sell the product levels they have purchased. That's where the $19.95 comes in.

Once they do this, they can sell whatever product levels they have purchased. 

This is where the affiliate part comes in. 

You refer people that also buy the products. You keep the 1st sale, 3rd sale and every sale from the 5th onward.

This is where the networking comes in. 

We teach simple business mechanics equation: (W+T+R+L+D)

work + time + residuals + leverage + duplication

It's not magic, get-rich-quick or one of those "pyramid things". It's more like a science of simple duplicable tasks done every day that compound over time which eventually result in leveraged results. 

Most choose to do all three monthly levels at a total of $175 per month. They don't have to do all three but most do this because they get their product purchase back on the first sale anyway regardless if they do only the $25 or the $175 for all three so the risk stays the same but the income potential increases 7 times. Easy decision. They then pick one of the one time levels depending on their goals.

The 2nd and 4th sale will roll up to the person above you that is active at that product level. This is called a pass up.

You also will get the 2nd and 4th sale from the 1-3-5-6-7-8 etc and earn that money PLUS the person (business entity) rolls up to you and everything they do from that point on is on your team and the 2nd and 4th sale also rolls up to you, that roll up to you etc etc. This is the leveraging that is very powerful.

It's that simple. Are you ready to change your life? Begin Now!!

Each month you build the residuals of the 25-50-100 levels as an affiliate would do in any typical affiliate system and sprinkle in an occasional one time commission from the one time payment upper levels.

You also work with those people that want to build a business and assist them to duplicate this simple structure which causes leverage to happen as you build teams of people anywhere in the world.

Email getmepaid@cashflowqueen.info

This article was published on 02.02.2016 by Quan Lesane
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