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Hey, how's it going?

It's a little bit dreary and drizzly and wintery out here today. So much that I almost forgot to do my video. I was doing a bunch of work on the computer for my new Gig, which is freaking amazing. I almost forgot to come out here, and I thought, crap, I hope it's not still raining... and it's not. Who knows for how long.

Anyway, I was talking yesterday about going into something like you mean it. Getting all in, not playing around and hanging around the edges, pretending like you're going to actually do something. To make yourself feel better short-term, instead of actually jumping all up in it with both feet and making things happen so that you do feel better long-term.

The more I look at this thing that I'm doing, the more intrigued and excited I am. Because having been around businesses and business people, and having dealt with things on the Internet for, oh, wow, 11 or 12 years now. It's a timing thing where you can see things happening and a lot of times you don't do it.

Tell me that this has never happened to you. You're looking at something and you're thinking, "Hey, that's a great idea. I should get into that. Now's the time." And then you don't do it, and the next thing you know, it blows up, and there you are going, "Damn, I knew it!"

That happened to me when I was trading stocks. It happened with Amazon. It happened to me with Qualcomm. Those are the big ones. There's a couple more, but you get the point.

My life would be a whole lot different had I gotten involved with certain things at certain times. So now I'm looking at this thing, and the timing is definitely right. My knowledge and expertise is definitely right. I know exactly how I'm going to start it out and I'm very excited about what's going to happen.

Because this is one of those times where, hey, you know what? I'm actually going to get all up in it and make something happen instead of wondering what will happen if.

I know there's something else I wanted to talk about, but right now that's what's on my mind. So if you're on my list, you know I tend to write emails all the time and you're going to be hearing about this. If you're not, shoot me a message or whatever, and I'll talk to you about it.

New Year, new opportunities. 

Don't let them all get away from you

That's all I got for right now. 

I'll talk to you tomorrow. 

I'm out.


I'm going to add this on because I just noticed this view while I'm walking down the street here to figure out how to turn the camera around. 

You know what? 

Here you go.

That's what it looks like going down the hill. I don't even know what that looks like because you can't flip the camera on this app. But anyway, nice little view looking down the street.


This article was published on 21.06.2019 by Dave Kotecki
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