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We have ground floor Technology MLM backed up by Toshiba with a wearable Health Monitoring oracle! You can track the health of your loved ones miles away! Has alert panick button to help save the lives of the ones we love!!! We get a gps signal that alerts us when something is wrong so we can get them HELP asap!!! U can watch 2 min video at The Company has all technology based products coming soon that will blow your mind! Yes, kids can wear thes braclets as well! This device is so amazing because most of us have children. If your child is wearing his or hers device and tbey sense danger all they do is press panick button 2 times and it automatically sends a message to the person who have it linked to their exact location on the gps. You can track your child and save a life possibly! Ive never seen anything like this! Coming soon is their version of the iphone but way more advanced! We have people just joining the company from another mlm that was health and fitness and making President rank in their 1st 2weeks! Thats 250k in sales they did in 2 weeks! Chad and Natida Chong made 250 k in a month! You dont want to miss this opportunity! We here Jeremy Roma here in CA for a week laumching this Company called World Global! There is a youtube video presentation about this company if you want more info and insight! Lookup World Global and you will find videos on Product as well as compensation plan! They also on Nasdaq so you and your team can buy stocks. Its going to be epic! If your interested in the new Health monitoring device for you and your loved ones you can purchase at Cant wait to see this Company go big! Did i mention it is in 190 countries ready and we have people in the company on the top MLM earners already and it just launched! It took some people years to make it to the top of the list of top earners. People are coming here and ranking in just months! Check it out, i just wanted to spread the word. Jeff and Lisa Giammalva who are mu mentors just moved here to Word Global and hit President ranking in just a few weeks. Car program they have is Lambo, Ferrari, Rolls Royce. While others have car programs Ive Never seen this or trips to Dubai!!! Come on why wait jump on board and see a new life changing moment in your life! Thanks for reading, and I cant wait to see people soon at the Events around the U.S seats are gonna be filling Fast! People these days want technology its all over but we have is like no other! Fitbit doesnt come close to what this company has and will have. Mind Blowing!!!!

April & Jessie Brothers

This article was published on 30.11.2016 by April Brothers
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World Global - Technology, Free to join

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Alex Nwachukwu i might be interested. send me details to  1 year ago

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