Regenerate your life, custom nutrition utilizing Epigenetic

A few months ago, I had a Signature Epigenetic Mapping Report done. I learned that the very“high quality” supplements I’d been taking for years, were the things I was most deficient in. How could that be? �‍♀️I thought I had the bases covered! �. Rewind...

As a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator, I was always taught that nutrition comes from food, not pills. � Nutrients from food sources are much better assimilated by the body, than those from a synthetic pill. Hmmmm...we have a slight problem. Our food supply is malnourished. The top soil doesn’t contain the nutrients it once did. As a result, the foods we eat, each day, contain fewer nutrients. How do we fix the problem? �‍♀️ I was on very expensive supplements as well as medication to treat an autoimmune disorder. The  supplements were very hard to choke down and the medication I took to “treat” my issue made me feel sick all the time.  What if...

The SUPPLEMENT we took was actually made from FOOD, grown in nutrient rich soil, with the finest heirloom seeds? Novel idea, right? �Let’s take that a step further...what if the Blend was made just for you, based on what YOUR body needs? �Well...IT HAPPENED! A few months ago, I got mapped, and have “Angelina’s  Blend”, which was made, specifically for me. I have been able to get off all the expensive supplements AND with my doctors blessing, I have stopped my medication!  Can you say happy dance? I feel better than I have in years.  My energy is through the roof, I’ve lost weight, I have mental clarity, my hair and skin look healthy and I was told by a friend that I am glowing! Results don’t lie, and I believe EVERYONE deserves to feel their very best. 

Have you been mapped yet? �‍♀️�.

We over at Regenr8 have the only kind of testing like this for you at this time. Our mission is to regenerate 10,000 lives. We are well on our way. Our brand ambassador is the 1984 Olympic Gymnastic champion. He has never aligned with a company before, and he just did i with ours. We have a phenomenal compensa plan that is unmatched at this time. We have extensive training, coaches and meeting online throughout the week. One of the coaches is always available for help with anything  and everything.

This article was published on 04.04.2019 by Angelina Wallace
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